Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Less to Love

I have mixed feelings about the show More to Love. In the previews they talked about how the average woman is a size 14, and this was a show about real people. Not one single contestant is a 14, they are closer to a 26. In fact, the main guy, Luke is more then 300 pounds, but that's not the point, because most of them are quite beautiful. But all we hear from these girls is, no one will love me because I'm fat. That is so irritating. One girl went so far as to say, "I've never gone out on a date before. I've been asked, but I was afraid they were asking me as a joke." Every other word out of their mouth is poor me. SO ANNOYING. Every time I watch it, I find myself yelling at them. "You're weight has NOTHING to do with you not getting dates. How you feel about yourself has everything to do with it!" It's just so frustrating. This is supposed to be a dating show, not a poor fat me show.

On the other hand it is so completely hilarious because Luke could tell them that their eyes were like a deep bowl of blue pudding, and the girls would melt at his feet. I'm pretty sure the last time some guy said something lame like that to me, I either laughed at him if I liked him or gave him one of those "did you seriously just say that" looks, usually right before telling him he is lame, if I didn't like him. Oh, I bet those Kansas City boys are glad I'm gone. I was SO MEAN to most of them.

And yes, I am going to completely ignore the fact that I haven't written you in 3 whole weeks, and you should too. Unless of course you want to yell at me in the comments. I do love comments.