Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yet Another Baby Blog

Except, it's not about my baby. It's about the babies living in a little hole in my front yard. Mason found them just over a week ago while he was doing some yard work. (Sorry for the black & white, someone changed the settings on my camera and I didn't notice until it was too late).

When we first saw them, we couldn't really tell what they were. Squirrels? Bunnies? Mice? I'm sure you can guess which one we preferred. Based on the nest, we guessed bunnies.

We hoped that our disturbing of the nest would not make the mother abandon her babies. So we checked up on them every few days to make sure they were okay.

Today, there is no doubt as to what these little babies are.

I might have scared this one out of the nest, but the rest totally didn't mind my presence.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Death to Electronics!

As you all know, I killed Mason's work phone on Sunday. On Tuesday I tried to kill my work laptop. I dumped a cup full of soda right onto the keyboard. I quickly flipped it over to drain while I ran to get more napkins and then used my air can to blow it as dry as I possibly could. Then I watched as it powered itself down and started to reboot. I quickly shut it down and continued to dry it out before restarting. All the while stressing about how much time I'm loosing to actually get through the pile of work waiting for me. Oh, and that my laptop might be forever broken. I am happy to report that aside from some sticky keys, my laptop is still working as good as it ever did. Plus my fingers are getting quite the workout.

Yesterday morning, Mason took his book bag out of his car and threw it in the garage on the way out the door. Since he gets home before I do, I didn't bother to remember that the bag was in my way. Little did I know, Mason hadn't been inside yet, he was talking to a neighbor across the street. Fortunately I didn't completely run over the bag, just about half way. But Mason's scientific calculator was in that bag. And while I didn't kill it completely, there are two nice black spots where I the screen felt a little too much pressure. Whoops.

Oh and then I dumped an almost FULL glass of lemonade onto the floor last night. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that means I need a vacation.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Feeling a Little Tropical

Why? Because this month, we are a papaya.

I do like papayas, such a fun fruit. Plus our little papaya is developing taste buds so she can taste all those sweets that Grandpa will eventually be sneaking her. Cause that's what he does. Personally, I think he does it so she will go to him any time she wants the good stuff. Hmm, what does Grandpa have? That looks like a cookie... maybe if I climb up there I can steal it from him.

In other news, it was quite a hectic morning to compliment a tough evening. Yesterday, while in a mad rush to get some laundry done, I missed a very important pocket. You will all be happy to know that Mason's work phone is now clean (and broken). We agreed during the ink pen war that it was not my responsibility to check all of his pockets, and that he is lucky I wash any of his clothes at all. However, how is it that I caught a small key, but missed a heavy cell phone? I'm totally going to blame the pregnancy brain. And in case you were wondering, it took one of his good pairs of jeans getting ruined before the ink pens stopped appearing in the wash. We won't talk about all of my clothes that were ruined by them.

When putting on a fresh pair of pajama pants last night, I found the devastating truth. The new stretch marks on my butt were not lying. Oh how I wish they were. My butt has grown right along with my chin, my love handles and of course my stomach and boobs. I only agreed to two of these things getting bigger when I signed up for this whole pregnancy thing. Seriously, wasn't my booty big enough to begin with? Which in light of the whole cell phone thing, I didn't get much sympathy for my lack of pj's.

Because last night wasn't enough drama, this morning, we woke to sick puppy mess all over the kitchen floor. Good morning stinky house, how are you today? Sorry, I'm late boss, disaster on the home front. It's truly amazing that I was only 15 min late and that no one noticed. Well no one who cares noticed. I did have to park under the sappy tree once I finally got here, so perhaps a car wash is in my near future. Right after I violently scrub the entire kitchen of course. Wish me luck that the sickness is over and that there is no fresh mess waiting for me at home...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Lower 40

If you like roughing it in the woods then this is the place for you.

If you enjoy needing 4-wheel drive to conquer the steep hills, this is the place for you.

If you get a kick out of looking down and seeing sparkly rocks while exploring Dry Creek then you'll be in for a real treat here.

If you enjoy the idea of taking pictures from a moving 4-wheeler, even if it means getting a blurry picture, then this is where you need to be.

If you have a big goofy dog who likes to run around with the 4-wheeler and then abandon you to return back to camp for a nap once you've worn him out, this is the place to take him.

If you enjoy watching the sunset through a bunch of trees on the top of a massive hill, then you need to spend your evenings here.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Could This Be A Non-Baby Blog? Nope.

Okay, so I had intended to write a non-baby blog... but it just isn't going to work out since I went shopping for clothes Wednesday night for the first time since I found out she was a girl. My sister was kind enough to share her Gymbucks with me so we could shop together. So off to the mall we went, where I was more then able to find $100 worth of goodies. Including Mason's favorite item, the denim skirt. It actually made him chuckle, and since he was tired and cranky that evening, I will take that as a BIG victory.

But there was nothing for Miss O. So off to mall #2. Where I found the dress I was drooling over since it first came out. There it was sitting on the sale rack in the right size just waiting for me. Except for one small detail... I already spent my money at the last store. I could exchange something I already got for the dress. But since it was only on sale and not on clearance, it was going to cost me 2 shirts. Did I want it that bad? I mean 2 shirts is a lot more practical then one dress... Apparently I wanted it that bad. Because if it were a skirt in my size, I would totally wear it. But since it isn't, my daughter will wear it instead.

Miss O ended up getting some little sunglasses and a hat for the time we will be spending at the "Lower 40" this summer. Also known as the lake property, or the farm, or the 40 acres my parents bought which just happens to be a tree farm that is pleasantly close to a beautiful lake. I'm pretty sure I am going to need a Go-Girl as it gets harder and harder to squat with my ever growing belly. What I haven't told my parents yet is that I am super excited for all the family fun we are going to have down there. Miss O already has a life jacket and a fishing pole from her daddy and her very own camping chair from Pop (also known as my daddy). Miss O has already been practicing her fishing skills from her camping chair, and she had a trial run with her daddy in the bath tub. Which I'm not gonna lie, picturing Miss O in the bathtub with her pink fishing pole cracks me up.

I'm also looking forward to bringing Charlie (Mr. Jealousy) to the Lower 40 for some much needed attention, away from the other dogs. Plus he is the one dog out of our pack that I trust to not wander off to far or get lost. He was a stray after all, he knows how to take care of himself. He knows how to eat leafy plants if he gets hungry, and he knows how to come back if I call him. But most importantly, he doesn't want to be a stray again. Plus he's way to needy to wander too far. Mason, being the worrier of the two of us, is unsure of the whole thing. But I have taken Charlie to unknown places and let him off his leash several times before. If I ever though he was getting too far away I called and he wandered back in my direction. Plus I have a no fail technique for getting him to run to me. Squat down with your arms out as if you were going to give him a big hug and call his name. Then brace yourself. He's pretty good at not plowing me over when he runs in for the hug, but then he leans and down I go. A hug is way better then a treat for him. His trial run is tomorrow, as we load up the trucks and head down to the Lower 40 for the first time.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Banana Split

Has it been a week already? Well, I tried to post a couple of times, it just didn't workout. Either my brain was malfunctioning, or the clock was. Anyway, baby is now officially the size of a banana, well at least the length of a banana. I however have noticed quite a jump in size. I have officially gained weight in my face and have found several new stretch marks. I'm pretty sure the people who have 8 kids are those women who don't get stretch marks. I hate them. And seriously stretch marks, do you have to attack my thighs too? I'm sure it's just a matter of time before my feet start getting those nasty little marks too. Grr. I would trade all those mornings of not throwing up for these ugly marks.

Anyway. Little Banana's hearing is being fine tuned and now is a good time to start reading, talking and singing to her. Apparently, according to Mason anyway, my belly button is the microphone. I don't know why. Maybe just because it is in the center of my belly, or maybe because it is a focal point. I doubt he knows the answer either. But I do know that my stomach is now bigger then I realize. Yesterday while walking into my coworkers cube, something I do all the time, I bumped her chair with my belly. Anyway, I have pictures for you, but I won't have time to share them with you tonight, and probably not tomorrow. Tonight is a celebration for Mason's birthday with my family, and tomorrow is shopping for baby clothes for my little girl. With a busy week ahead, I hope to have lot's of new stories and pictures to share.