Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Banana Split

Has it been a week already? Well, I tried to post a couple of times, it just didn't workout. Either my brain was malfunctioning, or the clock was. Anyway, baby is now officially the size of a banana, well at least the length of a banana. I however have noticed quite a jump in size. I have officially gained weight in my face and have found several new stretch marks. I'm pretty sure the people who have 8 kids are those women who don't get stretch marks. I hate them. And seriously stretch marks, do you have to attack my thighs too? I'm sure it's just a matter of time before my feet start getting those nasty little marks too. Grr. I would trade all those mornings of not throwing up for these ugly marks.

Anyway. Little Banana's hearing is being fine tuned and now is a good time to start reading, talking and singing to her. Apparently, according to Mason anyway, my belly button is the microphone. I don't know why. Maybe just because it is in the center of my belly, or maybe because it is a focal point. I doubt he knows the answer either. But I do know that my stomach is now bigger then I realize. Yesterday while walking into my coworkers cube, something I do all the time, I bumped her chair with my belly. Anyway, I have pictures for you, but I won't have time to share them with you tonight, and probably not tomorrow. Tonight is a celebration for Mason's birthday with my family, and tomorrow is shopping for baby clothes for my little girl. With a busy week ahead, I hope to have lot's of new stories and pictures to share.

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