Friday, April 23, 2010

Death to Electronics!

As you all know, I killed Mason's work phone on Sunday. On Tuesday I tried to kill my work laptop. I dumped a cup full of soda right onto the keyboard. I quickly flipped it over to drain while I ran to get more napkins and then used my air can to blow it as dry as I possibly could. Then I watched as it powered itself down and started to reboot. I quickly shut it down and continued to dry it out before restarting. All the while stressing about how much time I'm loosing to actually get through the pile of work waiting for me. Oh, and that my laptop might be forever broken. I am happy to report that aside from some sticky keys, my laptop is still working as good as it ever did. Plus my fingers are getting quite the workout.

Yesterday morning, Mason took his book bag out of his car and threw it in the garage on the way out the door. Since he gets home before I do, I didn't bother to remember that the bag was in my way. Little did I know, Mason hadn't been inside yet, he was talking to a neighbor across the street. Fortunately I didn't completely run over the bag, just about half way. But Mason's scientific calculator was in that bag. And while I didn't kill it completely, there are two nice black spots where I the screen felt a little too much pressure. Whoops.

Oh and then I dumped an almost FULL glass of lemonade onto the floor last night. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that means I need a vacation.

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