Monday, April 19, 2010

Feeling a Little Tropical

Why? Because this month, we are a papaya.

I do like papayas, such a fun fruit. Plus our little papaya is developing taste buds so she can taste all those sweets that Grandpa will eventually be sneaking her. Cause that's what he does. Personally, I think he does it so she will go to him any time she wants the good stuff. Hmm, what does Grandpa have? That looks like a cookie... maybe if I climb up there I can steal it from him.

In other news, it was quite a hectic morning to compliment a tough evening. Yesterday, while in a mad rush to get some laundry done, I missed a very important pocket. You will all be happy to know that Mason's work phone is now clean (and broken). We agreed during the ink pen war that it was not my responsibility to check all of his pockets, and that he is lucky I wash any of his clothes at all. However, how is it that I caught a small key, but missed a heavy cell phone? I'm totally going to blame the pregnancy brain. And in case you were wondering, it took one of his good pairs of jeans getting ruined before the ink pens stopped appearing in the wash. We won't talk about all of my clothes that were ruined by them.

When putting on a fresh pair of pajama pants last night, I found the devastating truth. The new stretch marks on my butt were not lying. Oh how I wish they were. My butt has grown right along with my chin, my love handles and of course my stomach and boobs. I only agreed to two of these things getting bigger when I signed up for this whole pregnancy thing. Seriously, wasn't my booty big enough to begin with? Which in light of the whole cell phone thing, I didn't get much sympathy for my lack of pj's.

Because last night wasn't enough drama, this morning, we woke to sick puppy mess all over the kitchen floor. Good morning stinky house, how are you today? Sorry, I'm late boss, disaster on the home front. It's truly amazing that I was only 15 min late and that no one noticed. Well no one who cares noticed. I did have to park under the sappy tree once I finally got here, so perhaps a car wash is in my near future. Right after I violently scrub the entire kitchen of course. Wish me luck that the sickness is over and that there is no fresh mess waiting for me at home...

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