Saturday, September 27, 2014


Mommy: Lina, guess what.
Lina: What?
Mommy: Your baby grew! Now it’s the size of a raspberry! 
Lina: Wow.
Mommy: Do you remember how big it was last week?
Lina: No.
Mommy: Last week it was a blueberry, this week it’s a raspberry.  Do you want to see what a raspberry looks like?
Lina: Oh, yeah.
Mommy: (pulls up images of raspberries on her phone).
Lina: Awww, it looks like a teeny strawberry!

Sunday, September 21, 2014


We all headed over to the in-laws house to celebrate my father in-law’s birthday.  I knew I would be late since I was out taking pics with my dad, so Lina waited to change into her big sister shirt until I got there.  As soon as I got there, I ushered her inside and changed her shirt.  After showing off her shirt to her Uncle Clay and Aunt Torie, she reached up, rubbed my boob and stated “these are sore.”

Monday, September 15, 2014

Big Sister

At dinner with my family, Lina is wearing her Big Sister shirt but already sitting down so no one sees it.  I have quietly asked her twice to tell Mimi that she is going to be a big sister.  She’s too busy being with her cousins to talk about it.  Eventually Jessie sees the sideways “G” on Lina’s shirt and knowing that isn’t my usual style asks Lina what her shirt says.

Lina: (very casually) It’s my sister shirt.
Mimi: What? You’re going to be a big sister?
Lina: Yep
Mimi: Let me see your shirt!
(Lina stands up and shows everyone her shirt, sits back down and continues coloring with her cousins).
Mommy: Lina, tell Mimi how big your baby is,
Lina: Um… I don’t remember.
Mommy: (whispers) pea.
Lina: Oh, it’s as big as a pea.
Mommy: How big was it last week?
Lina: It was an apple seed!  Livi, last week the baby was an apple seed, now it’s a pea!
Mommy: Lina, tell Mimi what you named the baby.
Lina: Love!
Mommy: And then you changed it to…
Lina: Heart!
Mommy: Loveheart.
Lina: Yeah, Loveheart!

Frozen Peas Please

Lina do you want to see how big your baby is now?
Lina: Yeah.
(I get a pea from the freezer and the apple seed from last week she had asked me to save).
Last week your baby was this big (show apple seed in my hand).  This week your baby is this big! (add the pea to my hand).
Lina: Whoa.  (Lina takes both to her table to look more closely)  Can I eat it?
The pea?  It’s frozen, but sure.
Lina: Thanks.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Not So Secret

The in-laws had visitors this weekend, two of which were from England.  Lina decided it was okay to tell Mrs. England “I’ll get my new baby for Mommy’s birthday.”   

So much for keeping it a secret!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Little Helper

Mommy: Are you going to help with the baby?

Lina: When it’s born?
Mommy: Yes.  You can help pick out clothes, change diapers…

Lina: Oh yeah.  But I might need some help with the diapers.  I don’t wanna get poop on my hands.