Thursday, June 14, 2012

Potty Talk

If Lina could go everywhere naked, she would pretty much be potty trained. Of course I haven’t tested this theory since I won’t let her go outside without her bottoms. I did let her go outside in a dress and underwear which ended with my porch being hosed off. If she wears her diaper, she uses it. She knows what it’s there for, and she takes advantage of the simplicity of it. If she tells us that she has to go potty while wearing a diaper, it’s usually to inform us that her diaper is already wet.

Lately she has gotten so good at holding it, that she goes as soon as I convince her to sit on the potty. It’s the convincing that is the hard part. It goes something like this:

Do you want to go sit on the potty?
(Ignores the question)
Lina, let’s go sit on the potty so you can fill it up and win a prize.
(More ignoring)
Lina, do you want a prize?
Okay, you have to go potty in the potty. (Think about changing the name of one of the potty’s to avoid confusion)
Hey Lina. Why don’t you go sit on the potty and I’ll paint your toenails while you sit there.
Okay! (Climbs off my lap and runs to the potty).
Okay Lina, you stay there while I go get the nail polish.
(I walk halfway down the hall) Potty music starts playing.
Did you go potty?
Yea Lina!
Yea Lina!
Okay, let’s get cleaned up and go pick out a prize! (toenails are forgotten)