Friday, July 27, 2012

It’s Delicious!

We are at that point where we have to pay very close attention to the word that come out of our mouths. Lina is constantly learning new words and I thoroughly enjoy teaching her the really big ones. I love to hear her attempt to say words like hippopotamus and rhinoceros. Yesterday my sister was teaching her to say dramatic and drama queen. But perhaps my favorite word of Lina’s is one that she picked up on her own, delicious. She first said it when I asked how her dinner was, she made it much more comical on Tuesday though.

Our shipment from Gymboree arrived and delivered some adorable clothes. Including this awesome swimsuit for next summer.

As I was laying out her new clothes and removing the tags from them she grabbed the swimsuit and pretended to eat the ice cream. She would take an imaginary bite, fill her cheeks with a little air and pretended to chew it. Several bites later I asked her if it tasted good and she simply replied “It’s delicious!” before taking another imaginary bite.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Fourth

As you know, I’m a big fan of the 4th of July celebrations, specifically the fireworks portion of the event. Last year Lina was so terrified of the big booms that she bawled her little eyes out. This year I had my fingers crossed for a less terrified child for our neighbors annual party. And then I discovered that we wouldn’t be able to attend the party after all.

So we decided to have our newest nephew and his parents over to eat some hot dogs, throw some Pop’s, light some sparklers and a few small fireworks. The incredible lack of rain we had leading up to the 4th made anything larger dangerous and I was pretty sure Lina still wouldn’t care for the loud noises.

Lina loved throwing Pop's with her Uncle Ben.

"I did it!"

For a moment, she thought I was going to let her light her own punk.

She enjoyed the colors of the smoke bombs.

The sparklers were a big hit.  She especially liked putting them in the bucket of water once they were done.

"Lina, say cheese!"

"Lina, look at me and say cheese."


Finally!  I got a smile and open eyes!

Perhaps her most favorite thing was helping Daddy drive the RC car.  It was definitely not the semi-loud, tiny finale box.

 I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!