Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Official

I'm showing. Sister said I looked like I was early in my pregnancy. Which I am, so that works out well. But what really convinced me, are all the people I walk by in the hall at work, who after looking me in the eye to say hello, glance down at my stomach. Clearly trying to figure out if I've gained weight or if I'm having a baby, but still to afraid to ask. So apparently Mason was right. But don't tell him, wouldn't want him to get a big head or anything.

This week, we are an orange. A 4 inch, 2.5 oz orange. Orange is learning about proportions this week, as the head is no longer the same size as the body and the legs are growing longer then the arms (both complete with functional joints). Apparently if could see my baby right now, I would laugh, as Orange tests out the developing muscles by making lots of funny faces.

Since we get to find out if Orange is a boy or a girl in about a month, I thought it would be fun to see if we can't figure it out here first, with old wives tales.

Sleep Position:
Left side - Boy
Right side - Girl
This is really more of a question of what I want to face. Mason and his snoring or the alarm clock reminding me how tired I am going to be in the morning. Lately, I've been sleeping on my back the most.
Verdict: N/A

Upset Stomach:
Extreme nausea - Girl
I don't think a slightly uneasy stomach on some days counts as extreme.
Verdict: Boy

Soft or Dry Hands:
Soft - Girl
Dry - Boy
What if my hands are soft and dry? The same as they were before I was pregnant.
Verdict: N/A

Food Cravings:
Citrus - Girl
I do crave large amounts of orange juice, while all the other juices sit there unnoticed by me. Fortunately Mason notices them.
Verdict: Girl

Adult Acne:
Break-outs - Girl
Aside from a few here and there, I'm mostly clear.
Verdict: Boy

Graceful or Clumsy:
Graceful - Girl
Clumsy - Boy
Well, I've only tripped once so far and I did that same thing when I wasn't pregnant.
Verdict: Girl

Face Weight Gain:
Fuller face - Girl
Hmm, I'm going to need a second opinion on this one. I don't think my face looks any fuller, but I also think that happens later. Is my butt bigger? Cause I heard that means girl too.
Verdict: ??

Sugar and Spice:
Craving salt - Boy
Craving sweet - Girl
As you know, I crave both. French fries followed by ice cream would be a great meal.
Verdict: Twins, one of each.

Mood Swings:
Moody - Girl
I don't think I am, but I could be wrong. I've only cried once so far without knowing why, poor Mason tried to leave the room to give me space and that made me cry harder. I didn't want him to touch me or look at me, but I didn't want him to leave either. Whatever Kayla, whatever.
Verdict: Boy

High or Low Stomach:
High - Girl
Low - Boy
It might still be to early to tell, but I'm going to say high.
Verdict: Girl

Baby Weight:
Baby weight in the front - Boy
Baby weight all around - Girl
I think it's still a little early for this one, but so far it appears to all be in the front.
Verdict: Boy

Pendulum Test:
Back and forth - Boy
Circle - Girl
Hang on, let me find something to make a pendulum out of... Pendulum #1 Circles. Pendulum #2 Little to no movement. Pendulum #3 Little to no movement. Pendulum #4 Both. Circles over the hand, back and forth over the belly.
Verdict: I have no idea.

Show Me Your Hands:
Palms up - Girl
Palms down - Boy
I can't do this one now, I know what it means and I'm thinking about it. Someone catch me off guard and ask me.
Verdict: TBD

Toddler Advice:
Boy toddler ignores belly - Boy
Boy toddler takes interest - Girl
Anyone have a boy toddler I can borrow?
Verdict: TBD

Eat Garlic Test:
Garlic seeps out of pores - Boy
No smell - Girl
I haven't noticed me smelling like garlic after I eat it, but I might just be used to it.
Verdict: Girl

Key Test:
Pick up a key by the round end - Boy
Long end - Girl
What if I pick up keys by the handful?
Verdict: TBD

Evens or Odds:
Age and conception year both even or odd - Girl
One even, one odd - Boy
Verdict: Girl

Baby's Heartbeat:
More then 150 bpm - Girl
Less then 150 bpm - Boy
Verdict: Girl

Stress Test:
A child tends to be the same sex as the parent who is less stressed at the time of conception.
What?! How about who was less stressed about finding out about the pregnancy? Cause that would have been Mason. But who is less stressed most of the time would probably be me.
Verdict: This one is stupid. N/A

Dream Meanings:
Having a girl - Boy
Having a boy - Girl
Too busy sleeping to dream - Go to bed earlier
Verdict: Go to bed earlier.

Breast Size:
Right one fuller - Girl
Left one fuller - Boy
Do I really want to blog about my boobs?
Verdict: Wouldn't you like to know.

Undetermined - 10
Boy - 5
Girl - 7

And the girls have it. But don't go buy any girl clothes yet Mom (even though Linda already did) I still think it's a boy.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Double The Pleasure

I keep trying to get a non-pregnancy post in here. But it seems I'm just having a hard enough time keeping up with my weekly baby updates, hence the double whammy today. But today, for some reason I'm locked out of all the internal programs I use. I wasn't earlier this morning, but now I am. So I have a few moments to finally blog.

The other morning Mason and I had a debate over whether or not I was showing yet. He insisted that yes, indeed I am bigger therefore I am showing. I argued that while I may be "thicker" I'm not exactly showing yet. So, I need an objective, brutally honest 3rd opinion. Cause I could be wrong here. I could be in complete denial. I mean, really. Who should I believe here? The person who looks at me every day without judgment, or the hyper critical person who stares back at me from the mirror?

So anyway, last week we were a peach. You know what happens to peaches? They develop vocal cords! It's unfortunate I will have to wait so very long to hear them working. Peach is also now able to "breathe" and create urine. I used to be grossed out by the fact that babies have to breathe, eat and swim in their urine. But then in Art History (of all places) I learned that if you are ship wreaked and have no source of food or water, you can survive by drinking your own urine. Okay, it still grosses me out. A lot.

Moving on. We are officially no longer a peach, even though baby is growing peach fuzz this week (which will fall out right before birth). We are now one of my favorite fruits to feed to children. In fact, when I was young I used to LOVE to eat them. Now I prefer them mixed with sugar and water. After all, when life gives a you a LEMON, make lemonade! Little Lemon is able to wiggle all ten toes and suck his/her thumb. Unless Lemon turns out to be bald, he/she is growing hair on his/her head. Lemon is also growing eye brows and eye lashes. Apparently this is the hair week.

Last but not least... I need your help. I'm testing my sisters theory. When she was pregnant with Miss O, they played one song over and over on the radio. After Miss O was born, this same song calmed her when she was crying and put her to sleep when she was denying being tired. Whatever she is doing, she stops and listens to it. She recognizes it within the first few notes, it is her song. So the question is, does Miss O just like this song a lot, or does she remember hearing it before she was born? I think she remembers it. This is where you come in. In order to test this theory, I need a song. A good song. My sister got lucky with the song they over played, it's a good positive song. The main radio station I listen to prides itself in not playing the same song twice in a week. Which is actually why I listen to them so much. Anyway, I'm looking for an upbeat song with a positive message. None of those wonderful you cheated on me so now I'm going to key your car type songs (I really do love that song). So far I like Beautiful and this version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. So I need you to either tell me which one of those is the one, or tell me what it should be. Or both. It can be new or old, any genre, whatever. It just has to be awesome.

Friday, February 5, 2010

What's Better Then a Lime? A Plum!

I know all the books and articles I've read say Plum should be moving around a lot in there, but yesterday morning we got to actually see it. Plum was moving quite a bit last time too, but seeing a cashew move and a baby with visible arms and legs move is completely different. While I still can't feel my little Plum moving around, Plum can apparently feel me. If I were to apply pressure to my tummy, then Plum would squirm (or dance as I prefer to think of it) in response. I wonder if that works if I eat to much... Anyway, we seem to have a very active child, which I look at in two ways.
1. I'm screwed. Never will I know what it means to sit down again for 5 consecutive minutes. Or even worse, the thing that I am most worried about, I will have a child with the same sleep abilities (or lack there of) that I have.
2. If I remember correctly, Miss O was almost always sleeping during during her Ultra Sounds. And she has become a VERY active future mountain climber, track gold medalist, Nobel Peace prize winner. So I may end up with a very lazy child. Honestly, I think I'd rather never sit down again, but I may eat those words later.

We are officially out of the "danger zone" according to my doctor. And it appears that most of the developmental stage is complete, but not all of it. The intestines are developing and the stomach isn't far behind. We are now focusing on growing and fine tuning our abilities. For instance, Plum could start sucking his/her thumb any day now. Since Plum had his/her hands by his/her face yesterday, I think it will be happening soon if not already. Fingers and toes are starting to wiggle and curl. But most importantly, in just 2 short (but feels so long) months I will be able to stop calling my child he/she. If Plum cooperates we will soon know the gender and I can start painting the nursery. I would say that I have started nesting, but I haven't made any efforts to get the room ready except for planning how I want to paint it and arrange the furniture. In my head, it is done and stunning. I just wish I knew which picture in my head it is actually going to be.

The funny thing is, I have a better idea of what the room will look like if it's a boy, but absolutely NO names. If it's a girl, I haven't settled on any wall colors or designs, but I have a name all picked out. Although I may have to rethink it, Mason forgot about it so that must mean he doesn't love it so much. But then again, every time I suggest it, he likes it. Soooooooo. I'll just keep suggesting it. And then probably completely change my mind once I meet my little bundle of joy.