Friday, February 19, 2010

Double The Pleasure

I keep trying to get a non-pregnancy post in here. But it seems I'm just having a hard enough time keeping up with my weekly baby updates, hence the double whammy today. But today, for some reason I'm locked out of all the internal programs I use. I wasn't earlier this morning, but now I am. So I have a few moments to finally blog.

The other morning Mason and I had a debate over whether or not I was showing yet. He insisted that yes, indeed I am bigger therefore I am showing. I argued that while I may be "thicker" I'm not exactly showing yet. So, I need an objective, brutally honest 3rd opinion. Cause I could be wrong here. I could be in complete denial. I mean, really. Who should I believe here? The person who looks at me every day without judgment, or the hyper critical person who stares back at me from the mirror?

So anyway, last week we were a peach. You know what happens to peaches? They develop vocal cords! It's unfortunate I will have to wait so very long to hear them working. Peach is also now able to "breathe" and create urine. I used to be grossed out by the fact that babies have to breathe, eat and swim in their urine. But then in Art History (of all places) I learned that if you are ship wreaked and have no source of food or water, you can survive by drinking your own urine. Okay, it still grosses me out. A lot.

Moving on. We are officially no longer a peach, even though baby is growing peach fuzz this week (which will fall out right before birth). We are now one of my favorite fruits to feed to children. In fact, when I was young I used to LOVE to eat them. Now I prefer them mixed with sugar and water. After all, when life gives a you a LEMON, make lemonade! Little Lemon is able to wiggle all ten toes and suck his/her thumb. Unless Lemon turns out to be bald, he/she is growing hair on his/her head. Lemon is also growing eye brows and eye lashes. Apparently this is the hair week.

Last but not least... I need your help. I'm testing my sisters theory. When she was pregnant with Miss O, they played one song over and over on the radio. After Miss O was born, this same song calmed her when she was crying and put her to sleep when she was denying being tired. Whatever she is doing, she stops and listens to it. She recognizes it within the first few notes, it is her song. So the question is, does Miss O just like this song a lot, or does she remember hearing it before she was born? I think she remembers it. This is where you come in. In order to test this theory, I need a song. A good song. My sister got lucky with the song they over played, it's a good positive song. The main radio station I listen to prides itself in not playing the same song twice in a week. Which is actually why I listen to them so much. Anyway, I'm looking for an upbeat song with a positive message. None of those wonderful you cheated on me so now I'm going to key your car type songs (I really do love that song). So far I like Beautiful and this version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. So I need you to either tell me which one of those is the one, or tell me what it should be. Or both. It can be new or old, any genre, whatever. It just has to be awesome.

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  1. Ooh la la! A lemon! And a handome/beautiful lemon at that, I'm sure.

    As far as song choices, I'm always a fan of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It's a classic, so if it works like you're hoping, you know you won't get tired of a trendy or annoying song.