Friday, February 5, 2010

What's Better Then a Lime? A Plum!

I know all the books and articles I've read say Plum should be moving around a lot in there, but yesterday morning we got to actually see it. Plum was moving quite a bit last time too, but seeing a cashew move and a baby with visible arms and legs move is completely different. While I still can't feel my little Plum moving around, Plum can apparently feel me. If I were to apply pressure to my tummy, then Plum would squirm (or dance as I prefer to think of it) in response. I wonder if that works if I eat to much... Anyway, we seem to have a very active child, which I look at in two ways.
1. I'm screwed. Never will I know what it means to sit down again for 5 consecutive minutes. Or even worse, the thing that I am most worried about, I will have a child with the same sleep abilities (or lack there of) that I have.
2. If I remember correctly, Miss O was almost always sleeping during during her Ultra Sounds. And she has become a VERY active future mountain climber, track gold medalist, Nobel Peace prize winner. So I may end up with a very lazy child. Honestly, I think I'd rather never sit down again, but I may eat those words later.

We are officially out of the "danger zone" according to my doctor. And it appears that most of the developmental stage is complete, but not all of it. The intestines are developing and the stomach isn't far behind. We are now focusing on growing and fine tuning our abilities. For instance, Plum could start sucking his/her thumb any day now. Since Plum had his/her hands by his/her face yesterday, I think it will be happening soon if not already. Fingers and toes are starting to wiggle and curl. But most importantly, in just 2 short (but feels so long) months I will be able to stop calling my child he/she. If Plum cooperates we will soon know the gender and I can start painting the nursery. I would say that I have started nesting, but I haven't made any efforts to get the room ready except for planning how I want to paint it and arrange the furniture. In my head, it is done and stunning. I just wish I knew which picture in my head it is actually going to be.

The funny thing is, I have a better idea of what the room will look like if it's a boy, but absolutely NO names. If it's a girl, I haven't settled on any wall colors or designs, but I have a name all picked out. Although I may have to rethink it, Mason forgot about it so that must mean he doesn't love it so much. But then again, every time I suggest it, he likes it. Soooooooo. I'll just keep suggesting it. And then probably completely change my mind once I meet my little bundle of joy.

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