Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Friends

Lina got to meet one of my friends from work the other day and while Lina was pretending to be shy for the first few seconds she apparently didn’t stop talking for the entire 20 minutes I was gone.  The conversations went something like this:

Dawn: Hi Lina!
Lina: …
Mommy: Are you being shy now?
Lina: Yeah, I’m being shy.
Dawn: What’s that you have in your hand? Is that a shell?
Lina: Yes, it’s a shell.  It had a creature in there, but he got too big and moved out.
Dawn: What’s your favorite color?
Lina: Yellow.  I like sparkles too!
Mommy: I can see you have lots to talk about.  I’ll be back in a few minutes, Lina be a good girl while I’m gone.

Dawn: What did you have for lunch.
Lina: …
Dawn: You didn’t have anything?
Lina: I had pink turkey and strawberries.
Dawn: Pink turkey???

After we left Dawn:
Lina: I couldn’t talk to her anymore.
Kayla: You couldn’t?
Lina: No.
Lina: My tummy didn’t get to talk to her.
Kayla: Your tummy didn’t talk to her?
Lina: Nope.
Kayla: Are you trying to tell me that you’re hungry?
Lina: Yes, I’m hungry.
Kayla: You are?  Do you need some chicken nuggets? Did you not eat enough of your salmon?
Lina: I ate enough.
Kayla: But you’re hungry again.
Lina: I just need some chicken.

I'm Sorry, What?!

Lina: Will you pat my butt?
Mommy: What?
Lina: Will you pat my butt?
Mommy: Did you just ask if I will pat your butt?
Lina: Yeah, will you pat my butt?
Daddy: First of all, we don't say butt, we say tushie.
Mommy:  Or bottom.  And no, I will not pat your bottom.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lina's Quote of The Day

Lina:  I'm gonna get married and dance to the butterfly song.  
Mommy:  The butterfly song?  
Lina:  Yeah. Butterfly in the sky, I can fly in the sky. Take a look, it's in a book. Reading Rainbow!

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Story

Lina was up late the other night.  Although I put her to bed at her regular time, she was busy talking until after 11.  Of course this was also a day that I had to get her out of bed at 5:20am.  Usually she never fully wakes up and is right back asleep once she’s in the car.  But on this particular morning, she was wide awake.  By the time we got to Mimi’s house, she was close to falling asleep again and when we told Mimi how little sleep she had gotten, they decided they would go lay down and rest for a while before the other girls got there.  In an effort to get her to get as much rest as possible, I told Lina that Mimi could take away her baby if Lina didn’t lay down.

Mommy: Now Lina, when you go lay down with Mimi, if you get out of bed, Mimi can take away your baby.  Just like I had to take a couple away last night.
Mimi: Oh, is that how it works?
Lina: Yep.  She does it every night.

The way she said it was so matter of fact it was hilarious.  It wasn’t like she blamed me, it was more like she accepted that it happened and there was no possible way to change that.  Certainly not by simply staying in bed.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

We're Ignoring That It's Been Almost A Year

I’ve been trying to get some ideas for Lina’s birthday party.  I know, it’s not until August but I like to plan things and get lots of Pinterest ideas.  Last year she wanted a princess party but I was able to convince her to have a superhero party instead.  Which turned out great and she had a blast doing the superhero training.  I was so excited when my neighbor offered to dress up as Cinderella if she ever had a princess party.  This year, she couldn’t care less about having a princess party.  I offered ideas for all of her favorite things… Lalaloopsy, My Little Pony, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and even a fairy party.  She thought for a moment and said “I want a bunny party.”

I’m sorry, a what?  Oh Pinterest, how am I going to pull this off without having Easter in August?  That wasn’t much help, so I started pricing party places.  Build A Bear was first on my list since that is her newest obsession.  It was doable and not having to clean my house was a definite advantage.  But she didn’t want that, she wanted a bunny party, even when I told her she could make a bunny it wasn’t good enough.  Groupon had a deal on a bounce house party where she could hop like a bunny… nope.  Then she decided to start toying with me, anytime I brought up a new suggestion or the list of old suggestions she insisted that she wanted a bunny-unicorn party.  In an effort to get her off the bunny-unicorn idea, I suggested a dance party.  That has been the only thing she has actually agreed to, the girl loves to dance. 

Then we watched the Olympics and she saw two very talented young ladies figure skating in sparkly yellow costumes.  She no longer wants to be a singer when she grows up, she now wants to be an ice skater and of course wear sparkly yellow dresses.  Of course that also means she no longer wants a dance party, she wants an ice skating party.  Which means I have until August to teach that girl how to skate!  We’ve been skating twice, checking out 2 different rinks.  We have two more to check out that seem like they are going to be more what we are looking for.  During our second session Lina was able to skate almost half the length of the rink by herself!  I’m so impressed with that girl.  But the rink was crowded with rowdy teenage boys who were set on breaking the rules and not caring if there were little ones around, and the skates were incredibly uncomfortable, so we didn’t stay very long.  I’m currently trying to talk her out of an ice skating party until the kids are a little older.  I don’t want to have a party that ends up being stressful for all the parents.  Even though I’m sure I could talk her into a Frozen theme to go with the ice skating.

We went to Build A Bear last weekend and talked about how much fun it would be to do that with all of her friends for her party.  She agreed for about five minutes until she realized that her party was not going to be the next day.  That’s also when she decided that she wanted a “Unicorn Dance Party.”  I pictured the invitations, laughed a little and thought that was the best idea I had heard yet.

Friday, March 14, 2014

My Love Bug

Lina: Do you know what my yellow heart is missing?
Mommy: What is your yellow heart missing?
Lina: You.