Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Friends

Lina got to meet one of my friends from work the other day and while Lina was pretending to be shy for the first few seconds she apparently didn’t stop talking for the entire 20 minutes I was gone.  The conversations went something like this:

Dawn: Hi Lina!
Lina: …
Mommy: Are you being shy now?
Lina: Yeah, I’m being shy.
Dawn: What’s that you have in your hand? Is that a shell?
Lina: Yes, it’s a shell.  It had a creature in there, but he got too big and moved out.
Dawn: What’s your favorite color?
Lina: Yellow.  I like sparkles too!
Mommy: I can see you have lots to talk about.  I’ll be back in a few minutes, Lina be a good girl while I’m gone.

Dawn: What did you have for lunch.
Lina: …
Dawn: You didn’t have anything?
Lina: I had pink turkey and strawberries.
Dawn: Pink turkey???

After we left Dawn:
Lina: I couldn’t talk to her anymore.
Kayla: You couldn’t?
Lina: No.
Lina: My tummy didn’t get to talk to her.
Kayla: Your tummy didn’t talk to her?
Lina: Nope.
Kayla: Are you trying to tell me that you’re hungry?
Lina: Yes, I’m hungry.
Kayla: You are?  Do you need some chicken nuggets? Did you not eat enough of your salmon?
Lina: I ate enough.
Kayla: But you’re hungry again.
Lina: I just need some chicken.

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