Friday, March 21, 2014

A Story

Lina was up late the other night.  Although I put her to bed at her regular time, she was busy talking until after 11.  Of course this was also a day that I had to get her out of bed at 5:20am.  Usually she never fully wakes up and is right back asleep once she’s in the car.  But on this particular morning, she was wide awake.  By the time we got to Mimi’s house, she was close to falling asleep again and when we told Mimi how little sleep she had gotten, they decided they would go lay down and rest for a while before the other girls got there.  In an effort to get her to get as much rest as possible, I told Lina that Mimi could take away her baby if Lina didn’t lay down.

Mommy: Now Lina, when you go lay down with Mimi, if you get out of bed, Mimi can take away your baby.  Just like I had to take a couple away last night.
Mimi: Oh, is that how it works?
Lina: Yep.  She does it every night.

The way she said it was so matter of fact it was hilarious.  It wasn’t like she blamed me, it was more like she accepted that it happened and there was no possible way to change that.  Certainly not by simply staying in bed.

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