Sunday, January 31, 2010


Why margaritas you ask? Because baby is a LIME! And apparently little Lime is moving around like crazy in there. Teeth are also starting to form under the gums. While I haven't started showing yet, things are definitely more firm, except my bottom that's still nice and squishy. I am a little "thicker" though since my jeans seem to be just a little snug. I am excited to start wearing my maternity clothes, that wardrobe is way cuter and newer then my current options. However, I refuse to sneak in any of those shirts that make me LOOK pregnant before I'm actually showing, no matter how cute some of them are.

And in even more exciting news... the baby furniture has been ordered! A special thanks to Mom and Sister for helping me choose which set to get, even if I did end up picking the other one. We can't forget to thank Miss O for showing her distaste for option three by crumpling up the paper and throwing it on the floor. As a child who is currently using a crib, she really knows what she is talking about. I'm debating about letting you see it now, or making you wait until the baby room is all set up. But I figure by then, you will have forgotten about this little link and it will look different in our teeny tiny room. Plus we only got two of the pieces in the picture, so just admire the crib and the lower half of the big thing with the shelves on the left for now.

It may be time to put up the stilettos, which greatly saddens me. Since my heel tends to get caught in the cuff of my pants causing me to trip, it's time to make a change for the well being of the baby. Especially since the last trip actually led to me falling and scraping the top of my foot. Or, I could just hem those dang jeans. Once it gets warmer though, I can wear my cute wedges and capris, so we won't be having this issue. In the mean time though, I will be watching my step a little more closely.


  1. LOVE the furniture!!! It's going to look great with the wall colors you talked about!

    I can't wait to see the new many more weeks until you can bust out the new threads?

  2. Miss O and I say you are very welcome! :)