Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prunes and Martha

The chocolate strike is officially over, as proven by the brownies I made and ate this week as well as the Dove chocolates I ate that were given to me this morning. Do you know what I love about Dove? Besides the rich and creamy texture. The cheesy messages that are written inside. It's like a fortune cookie! But these special valentine themed chocolates were taken hostage by Martha Stewart. Good bye wonderful notes like, "Be mischievous, it feels good" and hello stupid ideas like "To start a romantic fire, crisscross kindling on top of newspaper" and "Put a few drops of rose-scented oil in your humidifier." Thanks Martha, you just ruined my Dove messages.

I have a love/hate relationship with Martha. In other words, I love her staff and all the great ideas they come up with, but I hate Martha. I can't tolerate how condescending she is to her guests or her know it all attitude. She just makes me angry. So Martha, thanks a lot for ruining one of my favorite chocolates. And because just thinking about you really does make me angry, let's move on.

This week, baby is a PRUNE! The bones and cartilage are starting to form and the vital organs are starting to function. Prune now has peach fuzz and finger nails. And that is a little disturbing to think about a prune having peach fuzz and nails, so let's just say that baby is growing peach fuzz and finger nails. Other then the fact that baby is able to move more and more, that's about it for week 10. We're getting closer and closer to the second trimester!

One more thing before I go... while sitting in part 2 of the Meeting From (ahem), my name was drawn to win a prize. So I walked up, looked at the gift bags, and picked the larger silver bag even though I had planed on grabbing the pretty red one (which turned out to be an iPod Shuffle). But what do you think was in this lovely silver bag? A Flip Video Camera! What perfect timing! I'm so going to NEED that in a few short months! Totally worth working an 11 1/2 hour day and then going to a work sponsored happy hour where I couldn't even drink.

Okay, how about one more thing. My Mom, Sister and I went shopping for Maternity clothes this weekend. Hello fabulous sales! Goodbye money, we knew each other for such a short time. My two favorite pieces were also Mason's favorites and I think everyone else as well. A cute white shirt with tiny black polka dots and a black dress with quarter size white polka dots and a red ribbon which Mason made me try on. (Apparently I crave polka dots like I crave cheese). And then I made the mistake of telling him how funny it looked when I put the fake baby bump on. Next thing you know, I have a wadded up shirt pretending to be a "bump." I do have to give him props for not having the grand total sticker shock that I did. What can I say, it adds up when you go to 4 different stores and none of the jeans you bought were on sale. I wonder if I can have another shopping spree after baby is here.

P.S. Emily, I've tried to post 2 separate comments on your blog, but blogger won't let me.

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  1. 1. I am angry at Martha for ruining Dove
    2. You are seriously the luckiest person in the always win the good stuff!
    3. I can't wait to see the cute clothes, I LOVE polka dots!
    4. I don't know why blogger is rejecting you, try again later, you know I love comments!