Monday, January 4, 2010

Something to Blog About

As most people who read this blog already know, Mason and I are expecting our first little baby in August. No, we didn't plan on having a baby so soon, but as I've said many times, I do love surprises. And while many (okay, ALL) of my pre-baby goals/plans have officially been thrown out the window, I'd rather have the baby. Mason was ready for a baby as soon as the wedding was over. He is probably more excited then I am, but I'm sure it's only because he doesn't have to deal with the debilitating gas bubble cramps that took over my body last night. That is probably the worst of my symptoms right now. Well, that and the constant need for a nap. Baby does not like meals he/she would much rather I ate chex mix and Fruit Roll-ups all day. And Taco Bell, but I usually pay for that choice later. I did have my first non craving last week, and it was very saddening. Baby does not want chocolate. I'm sure I should be glad that I don't find the idea of chocolate appealing right now, but why did baby have to go and take one of my favorite things?

Mason thinks it's funny when I start drooling at commercials or when I announce that I want some random food we don't have. He was happy to give into my 89 cent burrito craving, but he wouldn't take me to get a doughnut or french fries on the way to his parents house. So what if we were going to eat there too? Does that really matter? I'm living in the moment here, not a hour away. And for the record, baby still wants that doughnut and those french fries. He tried to tell me that I couldn't have them because we wanted a healthy pregnancy and all that, but then he was willing to get me Papa Johns or Taco Bell so we know that was a lie. Or it was just a passing thought of trying to be good. But now he just laughs when I'm lying in bed and decide a hot dog would be just the thing I need.

Anyway we are 7 weeks along, that means right now Baby is the size of a blueberry. Little Baby Blueberry. Blueberry is growing a brain this week and arms and legs too. So excuse me while I trade in my Easy Mac for some good brain food, and a doughnut, and maybe some french fries too.

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  1. Christie Schweitzer FolsomJanuary 6, 2010 at 8:15 AM

    Congrats, Kayla! I didn't know until I saw the link to your blog on facebook and started reading! So exciting!! :-)