Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dazed and Confused

I'm sorry, what week am I? I think my doctor confused me last time I went in, when I thought I was 16 weeks and he said 15. As he kept looking at his little handy little chart, and going back and forth on how far along I was, I trusted him when his final answer was 15. Now, even though I just posted week 18 last week, it appears we are officially 20 weeks. Where did 19 go? Of course the confusion isn't helped by the fact that one website says I'm 19 weeks, while the other says 20. Sooooo, what the heck? The tech said 20 weeks after taking measurements, and my stomach measured at 21 weeks. I thought baby was a mango, baby is really the size of a cantaloupe, even though I am measuring like a banana.

Which would explain the weight gain. I was doing to good too. Minimal weight gain had me well under the line, and then POW! I'm now right on the line. So, I'm still in good shape, as long as next month doesn't bring another weight spike, and then another, and another. Although I'm pretty sure all four of those pounds could be just from the weekend. Mexican on Friday, biscuits and gravy on Saturday, Sunday brought Steak n' Shake, and since I won the bet with Mason on Monday, we had Five Guys, Burgers and Fries. Sounds like a fat weekend to me. Of course those extra pounds could be directly related to the mass amounts of fluid resting in my feet and kankles, I mean ankles.

Oh, what bet you ask? The gender bet. The winner of the bet got to pick where we ate for lunch and the looser had to pay. That fact that it would be coming out of the same bank account doesn't matter. Mason picked boy, and I picked girl. We are having a girl! We pretty much have a name all picked out, but you know me, it will probably change once I meet her. I'm a little hesitant to tell everyone what it is, because people have an amazing ability to voice their opinion about your terrible choice in potential baby names. However, since I have all of 9 followers, and 4 or 5 active readers (that I know of anyway) I might as well tell you. Mason is 90% sure and I am about 80% sure that our daughter will be Elina Anne (Lina for short).
Although there is still some debate between my mother, my sister and I about the spelling. Here are the Greek meanings for each spelling:
Elina (eh LEE nah)- Torch; bright light
Elena (eh LAY nah)- Wicker, reed, shoot; torch; basket
First of all Elena sounds too close to Elaine, which I don't care for at all. Nor do I want to name my daughter after a basket. The pronunciation of Elina is exactly how I want it to sound. So no, it is not spelled wrong. If we go with this name, it will be spelled Elina.

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  1. I love the name, but you knew that already :) Ben and I made a bet about the gender of your baby too, and I won!