Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"OMG That's Huge!" News

The swelling has already started! I'm pretty dang sure it's to soon for that non-sense. It appears my cute shoes will not be making an appearance this summer after all. My cabbage patch feet will be sporting flip-flops and ballet flats where my skin can bulge out of the top. It's going to be a LONG summer. Although, apparently I favor my right foot, as it is officially 10 times bigger then my left.

In other "OMG That's Huge" news, I finally gave in and went bra shopping this weekend. You know those bras you look at when you first go bra shopping cause your trainer bra is no longer doing the job and you think, "those are huge!" Welcome to my drawer big huge bras. Try not to intimidate all the little ones still in there.

While I was shopping Sister discovered baby snow suits on sale for $5. How does one pass that up? Surely they will be gone by the time I actually KNOW if I should buy the pink one or the blue one. Since we can use Miss O's old suit if it's a girl, I was convinced to buy a blue one and just return it if I ended up not needing one. I figured it evened out Linda's purchase of a girl outfit, so it was okay. But really, me buying anything gender specific for this baby is HUGE news.

What else is huge you ask? I finally got my drool-worthy camera. Perhaps not huge news for most of you, but ginormous news for me. With all the AMEX and Visa cards I got from work, and the earnings from photo shoots, birthdays, and so on, it finally worked out that I could go and get it. This camera is not without controversy though. The big debate is, who gets to use my old awesome camera. Sister who called dibs long before I was ready to purchase the new camera? Or Mason, who wants to learn more and be more involved in what I am so passionate about? So, I'm trying to win another one of a different brand so that I can get myself out of the middle of this situation. I should just put my old camera at the end of a scavenger hunt and let the two of them duke it out. Or maybe just work out visitation rights.

Baby is now an onion, and that seems huge to be inside of me. I know, I know, just wait it will only get bigger. People are like onions, they have many layers. Baby is working on those layers as we speak, building up some baby fat to keep warm. Little onion now also has finger prints! Baby is also making it more difficult to sit up from a reclined position. You know, the one I lie in to help the swelling in my huge feet go down.

That's all for now. Please be sure to tune in next week for more "OMG That's Huge!" News.


  1. Consider this a vote for your sister to get the awesome camera. She clearly has a better subject to photograph. Plus, she'd win if you let her "duke it out" with Mason.

  2. Wow, I couldn't have said it better myself. Whoever left that comment is brilliant!

  3. I'll make it easy on you...give me the camera! No need to thank me, but, you're welcome. See you this weekend?

  4. Sorry we missed you this weekend :(