Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Have No Idea Where This is Headed

I seem to have a complete aversion to anything looking remotely like work today. So I thought, "Hey, I'll write a blog." Except for one minor detail. I really have nothing to say. No wonderful stories to share, no dead dogs on the side of the road to tell you about, nothing. Maybe I share to many stories verbally and then forget to mention them here too. Or maybe my week has been nice and dull for a change. Or maybe, just maybe I'm to tired to notice.

Except for Wednesday. Wednesday was a great day. I was fortunate to be working from home that day, so I got to open the back door and let the fresh air come in. I needed that warm fresh air, it was a fuel that had been missing from my system for those long winter months. I wanted to hop up, and dance around the room with the stereo blasting. I was even tempted to clean while I danced. But instead I was glued to the couch dealing with needy customers. And then I started thinking, and planning and wanting to pull out all of my craft supplies. Instead I grabbed my dusty sketch book and jotted down my ideas. And then I called my Dad to share my ideas with him and see if he had what I needed "in stock." Dad does have a rather large inventory. See Mom, this is why we don't throw anything away. You never know when you (or I) might need it.

Remember not that long ago when I stated that I was showing? One moment I thought I was just starting to show. The very next day, I looked down and thought, "Holy Crap!" And it is a strong little baby in there. Yesterday (or was it the day before? I really can't remember) I got punched or kicked hard enough that I actually said "ow." Out loud. Oh, apparently baby doesn't want me to tell this story. I just got kicked in the side. Anyway, when I say "ow" out loud it means one of two things. 1. It really did hurt. 2. I saw it coming and I thought it was going to hurt, it usually does not. So my sweet little baby's movements no longer feel like weird gas bubbles. They now feel like getting elbowed in the gut, from the inside.

And now I have to actually try and get some work done. As my To Do folder is filling up and my time is running out.

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