Friday, March 26, 2010


This post is a little belated, as I had the dream Tuesday night. According to the wives tales, what you dream is the opposite of what you are having. According to my neighbor, what she dreamed was exactly what she had.

Mason had a dream a few weeks ago, and while he couldn't remember the details of the dream, he knew it was a girl.

I dreamed that we were in for the ultra sound and instead of seeing the little black and white fuzzy version of our baby, there was a real baby on the table before us. This baby was wearing a thin paper like diaper thing, so we couldn't actually see anything. But the tech announced that it was a girl, and when I looked, I could tell she was right.

This is the second sign that I have gotten that it's a girl. A while back while driving home after work I heard a voice that said, "It's a girl." It's a voice I've heard before and one I've learned the hard way to listen to. It comes to me like a thought, in my own voice, but they aren't my words. I know this may sound weird to some of you, but I also know at least one person will understand what I'm talking about. Call it my guide, my instincts, whatever.

Even after hearing the voice I was pretty sure I was having a boy. But now, I'm leaning towards girl.

Also, in unrelated news, I'm going to try and incorporate more pictures in my blog. Even if they don't relate to what I'm talking about. Which may be hard since I don't usually blog while I'm at home, with the camera and access to all my pictures. But that is my goal.


  1. I think you're having a girl, too! I totally understand that voice of wisdom or guidance, I hear it, too...only it's my voice, not yours :)

  2. Before we found out what we were having I really didn't know or have a feeling either way if it was a boy or a girl, I didn't know what to think.
    But every time I had a dream (and I had a lot of them), it ended up girl in my dream. And my husband also had a dream it was a girl, as well as my sister had a dream it was a girl and my aunt had a dream it was a girl. All of our dreams proved to be right bc it's a girl!
    My dreams were always strange, I would dream that someone was bringing me the baby or came to me and said, "You just had the baby" even though I don't remember going into labor or being at the hospital.
    When they would bring me the baby I would ask them if it was a boy or a girl and they would always say, "I don't know, I didn't look"!!!
    The baby always had a diaper on and I would then have to take the diaper off to look and every time it was a girl.

  3. It will be easier to post pictures once your little darling arrives. Until then, you could post pictures of the fruit or vegetable that is the same size as your baby.