Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 18 Brings... Spring Cleaning?

Our plans for Saturday were unavoidably canceled. So we cleaned. And hung some things and rearranged some things and I made a list of everything I wanted to do to each room. I am proud to say that after I purchase a few candles and clean some towels, the guest bathroom will FINALLY be at a place I can call done. One whole room that is complete, well except for the eventual lighting fixture change which is a little lower on the list. As soon as I have more funds, then I will finally get the rest of the house the way I want it. Which means a lighter color in the living room which will be done in WASHABLE paint (now if we try to wash it, the paint comes right off). Then something calming and airy in the main bedroom instead of the dark dungeon we now sleep in. I didn't mind it at first, but now, it depresses me. I'm just not a dark and drab kind of person. And I'm sure I will love it as much as I love the new curtains in the living room once it is done.

My feet. Oh my poor feet. I thought they were doing better, after all I was on them ALL day Saturday with very minimal swelling. Then come Monday morning, sitting at my desk at work... poof! Huge feet. Although it wasn't all bad, I did get a foot massage out of the deal without even asking for one. So Tuesday morning, I woke up again to very minimal swelling and in less then an hour of being at work and the were so big they were almost painful. Today, when I woke up, they were still quite poofy. Thankfully, I am working from home, so I can prop these suckers up all day and watch as they slowly deflate.

Baby is now a sweet potato. I don't know about
you, but I have never bought a small sweet potato. Which would explain why it is now such an ordeal just to roll over in bed. I'm really not sure how Mason can sleep through such commotion. Perhaps if it were warm so I wouldn't need covers, and if I had the whole bed to myself it wouldn't be so bad. But that is not the case. Baby's ears are also fully developed, so I stuck my headphones in the giant belly panel of my pants on Monday so Baby could listen to his or her future favorite song. I know, I'm weird. But it works. Plus this way, I won't hear it so much that I will get sick of it, and I can use my work hours to do something productive. You know, other then work, of course.


  1. You are only 4 weeks or so behind me, I am 22 weeks this week.
    Don't you find out Monday if you are having a boy or a girl?? I hope your baby cooperates, ours was sitting indian style at first and wouldn't move and finally did!
    Just on Monday I put head phones on my belly (as did you) and played some different songs, and this one song that I played she began to move everywhere, and my husband was able to feel her move for the first time, he was so happy.
    I then switched to a couple different songs and she didn't move much and then switched back to the previous song and she began moving a lot again. I agree that they def. recognize the songs that we play for them.

  2. Christie, I was just going to ask you what week you were on. Mason is so looking forward to feeling the baby kick, he thinks it's pretty funny when I get kicked hard. I'm really hoping we get to find out on Monday. Last time baby was very cooperative, but everything was still to small to tell.
    I might have to switch my song, when I play it, baby doesn't move. What's your song?

  3. Hey! I am 22 weeks and will be 23 weeks Sunday.
    So as for the song I play for her, at first we didn't know what to play so we bought a few cds, a cd with like 50 nursery rhymes and another set of discs that has 4 different discs in the set of instrumental lullabies.
    We started playing her the nursery rhymes and must have startled her cuz she moved really suddenly and kicked me and then that was it and wouldn't move. We then started playing the lullabies and she wasn't moving much and I noticed one of the lullaby discs had a song on it my grandmother used to sing to us as kids all the time.
    So I switched to that disc and went right to that song, the song is Too-ra-loo-ra-lay. The song started to play and she started to move it was very weird, she loved it, she moved the whole song. I then let the cd keep playing and she didn't care much for the other songs and really didn't move.
    I then switched back to the Too-ra-loo-ra-lay lullaby and she started moving again, the majority of the song. We decided this would be the song we would play the most.
    Our dog even loves it, and finds it soothing, she will get up on bed while we are playing the song and lay on me and pass out.
    Since the first night, we have tested it out and it has proved the same, she really loves the song, and doesn't like any others. She still continues to move and kick the entire song, my husband was able to feel her kick last night and was so thrilled.
    My grandmother was so surprised and thrilled when we told her, she couldn't believe it and can't wait to sing the lullaby to my belly.