Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Mooning Gymnast

Today's post is brought to you by the makers of The Mooning Gymnast. Wait. That doesn't sound right. Okay, let me start over... Today's post is brought to you by The Mooning Gymnast!

I went to the doctor on Thursday, and since Mason has to save his vacation days so he can spend some time with us after the baby is born and we didn't have an ultrasound scheduled, he didn't come. So Mom and Miss O came instead. Mom was so excited to hear the baby's heart beat, little did she know she was also going to witness the acrobatic styling of The Mooning Gymnast. Instead of strapping on the heart monitor Dr. B decided he would rather take a look at the baby. Miss O thought the ultrasound was the WORST commercial she had ever seen, there was no music, no bright colors, nothing. Mom and I however, we were fascinated as we watched my little baby flip over to face my spine, flip over to look at us (sort of) and then flip back over to moon us. Hence, The Mooning Gymnast. Dr. B said some people are able to feel them moving at this point, but I couldn't yet. I'm not gonna lie, I was feeling a little cheated here. Oh wait, I have an awesome baby growing inside there. I'm not getting cheated at all! Friday evening while shopping with Mom and Sister, my little baby woke up and started flipping around. How do I know this you ask? Cause I FELT it!

We have just over 3 short weeks before we can (hopefully) see if we are having a boy or a girl. According to Dr. B, my week really starts on Saturday, not Thursday like I had originally thought. So today, baby is an avocado. Little Cado is getting taste buds and ear bones. Wait, that means he/she can hear now... I'M NOT READY FOR THAT YET! I don't have my song picked out yet! I haven't even started shock therapy on Mason and his video game potty mouth (violent games make him say very bad, no good words)!

Okay, we are going to have to hurry and pick a song. So here are the top 2. I had to veto Beautiful, I just can't get the creepy video out of my head.
Unwritten, Natasha Bedingfield
Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole

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  1. That's SO exciting!!! :) My vote is for Somewhere Over the Rainbow.