Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why I Love Decorating For Christmas

Aside from the fact that I LOVE this season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and 5-6 days of not being at work and still getting paid. Not to mention all those wonderfully cheesy Christmas movies. What could be more wonderful then that? I love transforming the house to be all festive. Plus, once a year, I get Mason to help me rearrange furniture, no questions asked. And if that weren't enough, I also get to vacuum under all that furniture. Would you like to know what we found this year? Under the coffee table was a stick (thanks Koby, I really wanted that there). Under the sofa was a flash light, a flash drive and some paper. Behind the sofa, resting on the window ledge was a sprinkling of finger nails.

Excuse me while I gag a little. When we first discovered them, there was some confusion. "Is that really what I think it is? Did someone really bite or tear off their nails and drop them over the back of the couch?" The longer they sat there, the more grossed out I got. I quickly grabbed the vacuum and sucked those suckers up. Then I made Mason sterilize the sill. Then came the debate, clearly they weren't mine, they were too big for my little fingers. But Mason was trying with all his might to figure out if he did it. If he would do such a thing. He debated with himself for quite some time before I stepped in and came to his defense. If he were to rip off his nails, he would probably leave them on the coffee table instead of behind the couch. Which he did once or twice a long time ago until I informed how gross that really was. There are only two other men that sit on our couches often enough and for long enough periods of time to leave that many nails behind in less then a year. And to those two men, I'm watching you (you too Mason, just in case). When I catch you, I'm going to hand you all my cleaning supplies and put you to work on the ENTIRE house. And then I will throw a party, cause my whole house will be clean.


  1. YUCK, YUCK, YUCK!!!

  2. Gross! I hope my man isn't the culprit! If he is, I'll help you plan the party after he cleans your house :)

  3. After seeing the pictures of your winter wonderland (aka cube)'re totally going to win the decorating contest! See you in a few days!