Monday, August 8, 2011

Her First Sentance

If Elina were one of the Little Miss characters, her name would be "Little Miss Sassy."  In fact I think she is going to need some of those books for her birthday.

On Friday I asked Miss O to come get a piece of paper from me and give it to Mimi.  Normally Miss O would jump at this opportunity.  But this day, the blocks were more important, so she said "no."  I of course had no choice but to try again.  When she ignored me, my sister told Miss O to tell me what she always told her.  Miss O continued to play with her blocks and yelled (as if we were in separate rooms), "Just a minute!"

Lina adores Miss O and wants to do everything that Miss O does.  Without skipping a beat, Lina shouted "Yus-a-yenet!" 

The words might not have been perfectly formed, but the tone was dead on.  I knew I was going to have my hands full while I was still pregnant, but how do you prepare yourself for your 11 month old daughter telling you just a minute?

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