Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Potty

Lina has been talking about going potty a lot lately. Mostly it’s just a fun new word to say, but we figured we might as well start practicing. Tuesday after work Lina and I went to the store and picked out her very own princess potty. We made sure to pick a multi-functioning potty so that it would grow with her. Right now, it’s just a little potty with a lid that makes music when she goes. After dinner she said that she wanted to try out the potty. She sat there for awhile reading a couple books. Then she started playing with the lid, open, close, open, close, sit down, stand up, sit down… you get the idea. And then she went potty, right on top of the lid. Into the bath she went while Mason cleaned up the chair.

Take two. Last night she tried again, this time I wouldn’t let her off the seat except to grab a new stuffed animal. Eventually, she went. Apparently she wasn’t sure what was going on because she stuck her hand in before I even knew she was going. Into the bath she and her little wet hands went.

Cross your fingers for Day 3.

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