Sunday, August 8, 2010

So Close, Yet So Far

Since my doctor wants to keep a close eye on my blood pressure, I've been seeing him twice a week for the last few weeks.  So far there has been nothing to report on that front.  All my extra fluid makes it look like I am going to have a giant baby though.  Anyway, at our last appointment my blood pressure was up, still in the normal range, but it was a high normal.  And since my normal is on the low end, this raised a little flag.  So Dr. B took my blood pressure two more times, each time the numbers were lower then the last.  I was then sent to the lab for some blood work done "stat," although the paper work lady in the lab didn't seem to know what stat meant as she took her time entering me into the computer. 

Off to work I went, patiently waiting for my phone to ring with the test results.  Would I have to leave work and head back to the hospital?  Or would I be able to finish out my week and enjoy what may be the last weekend of so called freedom?  The phone rang while I was in a meeting so I stepped out with a racing heart so they could tell me that my test results were negative.  I had mixed feelings while returning to the never ending meeting.  It would have been so nice to not have gone back to that meeting.  But I wasn't quite ready to check into Labor and Delivery either.

Here I sit, three days later with a watermelon for a stomach, 20 pounds of extra fluid and sore hips.  While I don't know if our next appointment on Monday will be the day or not, I can at least find comfort in the fact that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I will be able to meet my little girl very soon.  Meanwhile I have been doing everything I can to help her hurry up.  On Thursday, we ate at a Mexican restaurant where the owner swears that pregnant women go into labor a few days after eating there.  And I'm hoping I can convince Mason to get Chinese for dinner tomorrow.  But most importantly, I made plans for next weekend.  Plans that involve tickets.  What better way to have a baby then to make plans and get tickets to go do something fun with your neighbors?  Thankfully they were free tickets, so I won't have to feel too bad if I have to give them away.

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