Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let's Get Messy!

Well, it finally happened. My little blog is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Just the other day I received my very first comment from a complete stranger (hope to see you around here again Tracy). You know what that means? I’m FAMOUS!

Okay, so not really. But that’s okay, a girl can dream. Can’t she?

Anyway, in light of my new fame I thought I would share with you some kid friendly recipes for play time. And although I’m all kinds of awesome, I didn’t come up with these recipes myself. They were photocopied from a book and given to me. So without further ado…

Let’s Get Messy!!!

Finger Paint
3 Tbl sugar
½ Cup corn starch
2 Cups cold water
Food coloring
Mix all ingredients and allow child to use fingers to make a picture.

Kool-Aid Finger Paint
2 Cups flour
2 Packs Kool-Aid
½ Cup salt
3 Cups boiling water
3 Tbl oil
Mix wet into dry ingredients.
Then finger paint.

Jell-O Finger Paint
Jell-O mix
Boiling water
Add water slowly to Jell-O to make goo consistency.
Allow child to use like finger paint.
Make sure your child understands this is play time, not eating time.

Simple Clay
3 Cups flour
¼ Cup salt
1 Cup water
1 Tbl oil
Mix flour and salt. Add water and oil.
Add more water if it’s too stiff.
Add more flour if it’s too sticky.
Can add ½ tsp alum for a preservative

Nutty Butter Play Dough
1 Cup peanut butter
1 Cup powdered milk
1 Cup honey
1 Cup oatmeal (optional)
Mix together and use like regular play dough

Oatmeal Dough
1 Cup flour
2 Cups oatmeal
1 Cup water
Gradually add water to flour and oatmeal.
Use like regular play dough.

Mix cornstarch and water together slowly at a 2:1 ratio
Consistency should allow a ball that melts quickly
Can add food coloring

Silly Putty
2 parts white glue
1 part Sta-Flo liquid starch
Mix together well

Clown Paint
1/8 Cup baby lotion
¼ tea tempera paint powder
1 squirt liquid soap
Mix together and finger or face paint

1 Cup water
2 Tbl light caro syrup
4 Tbl dish washing liquid soap
Combine ingredients and blow bubbles using a wand or string tied in a circle.

Soap Crayons
1 ¾ Cups soap flakes
50 Drops food coloring
¼ Cup water
Place in ice cube tray and allow to harden, then use to color.

Soap Slime
Soap flakes
Mix together and allow to sit overnight in the bucket.
Then play with the slime that formed.

Have fun!

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