Monday, July 12, 2010

This One Might Get Me Into A Little Bit Of Trouble

Apparently when you get pregnant, you automatically give up the right to any kind of privacy. Everything is out on the table. Isn't it enough that a whole room full of strangers are about to see me naked? Do I have to divulge every little detail too? I mean, I totally get it when a nurse asks my weight. They have to know for medical reasons. Or maybe they leave the room and talk about it with their little nurse friends, but at least they lead me to believe it's for medical reasons. But it really is none of your business how much weight I've gained. Just look at my lack of chin and swollen ankles and know that it's a lot.

And men, you should not under any circumstance ask any question even remotely related to my boobs. So whether or not I'm going to be breast feeding is none of your business. It's not like you won't eventually find out anyway when I either leave the room to feed the baby or mix up a bottle of formula. And if you even try to offer your opinion at any given point, my sleep deprived self might throw something at you. No boobs, no opinion. (Dad, you do not fit into this category, cause you are MY Dad, the one that used to change my diapers and stay up all night rocking me when I had an ear infection. That being said, these are not questions you would ask anyway).

Also, I'm perfectly fine with people touching my belly. I knew I gave up that right a long time ago, especially once I started showing and even more so once she started moving. I actually like to share the feeling of her moving with other people. But when I JUST announced that I'm 5 weeks pregnant, there really is no reason to feel the still squishy belly. Also, touching the belly is okay. Standing there holding the belly while talking to me and asking me if everyone touches my belly is just a little awkward (I was really tempted to say, "Only you." In fact, if I didn't like her, I probably would have).

I won't go into the unwanted advice. Mostly because I've done it. I only do it when the said person is complaining about something, I figure that is their way of asking. And then I make sure to say, "This worked for so and so, so it might work for you too. Or it might not." The thing is, every kid, relationship, financial challenge, whatever is different. But really, let's not offer silly opinions and advice when the issue isn't brought up by the person who will be receiving the advice.

Also, since I was really excited to get 5 1/2 hours of sleep Saturday night, only waking up a few times, and then getting less the 4 hours last night, I might be a little sleep deprived crabby. Which Mason in his fully rested slap happy state experienced yesterday. But this also means your questions, actions and unwanted advice might lead to some interesting reactions that I know my sister will find oh, so funny. That being said, comments are still welcome. I can't attack you through the comment section. Or can I? Muah-ha-ha-ha!

Oh and as a side note, this did not all happen at the shower this past weekend. This has been happening since I announced the pregnancy. No wonder people wait until after the 1st trimester to announce it.


  1. I really liked this post!!
    It is all really true and I have experienced many of the very same things you explained!!
    Being an outsider I don't know what or who you are talking about, but obviously some people just don't get it!!
    Not much longer, you are getting closer to your due date, time is going to really go by fast!

  2. I cringed at so many of those moments as I replayed them in my mind. How did I manage to be around for so many of those awkward moments???

    Also, you looked fabulous in your polka dot dress at the shower, loved it!

  3. Nem - How is it that you are always there for those moments? You must bring it out in these people.

    Christie - When is your baby going to get here? I feel like it should be any day now!