Thursday, July 8, 2010

34 Weeks! When Did That Happen?

And now we are a Honeydew. No wonder I can't reach my feet, even if it is just to scratch the bug bites. Dirty rotten bug bites. I was really good about not getting eaten alive by mosquitoes at Mason's Family Vacation. And then I came back home and within seconds I had a mosquito bite. But on the 4th, I came armed with baby safe bug spray and citronella candles. Guess what happened. CHIGGERS! My first experience with chiggers led to knowing way to much about them. Someone told me that they lay their eggs under your skin and your body attacking them is what causes the itch. This concept grossed me out completely. A little research led me to find that isn't true. While only baby chiggers bite you, their saliva dissolves your skin cells! No wonder they itch like crazy. And we won't even talk about what they look like.

Anyway, back to baby. So there are two new things that have happened since I last talked about her.
1. I felt her hic-up for the first time while I was laying awake in bed one night. Fortunately Mason wasn't asleep yet either so he got to feel it too.
2. She found my ribs. Sometimes when she stretches really big, she hits my ribs. I'm not gonna lie, that's just a little bit uncomfortable. And when you get that high, my spine gets nervous.

But what's even more exciting then all her new movements (which usually fascinates me, especially when it makes my belly move), I get to see her again in just over a week! I've been dying to see her again for what seems like years!  I can't wait to see exactly what those legs and arms are doing instead of just feeling them. 

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