Friday, July 23, 2010

Crab Apple

That's me today.  Just one big swollen pile of crabby.  I'm pretty sure there are people out to get me.  They are playing this silly little game called "Let's see how much work and stress we can pile on the lady who is 9 months pregnant until we send her into labor."  Won't they be sorry if I go before I finish all of their "tasks." 

And no, Sister, you did not add to that stress by forcing me to help you decorate a cake last night.  That was actually a welcome break from the ever growing To Do list.  Plus, Mason got to have Rich & Charlies for dinner and I get his left overs for lunch.  Works out well, don't you think?

So since I am such a crabby patty today and was planning on venting on this here blog, I thought it might be best to remind myself of all the things that don't make me crabby.  Umm.  Hmm.  Gray skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face!  That's a little better. 

Watching Miss O play in her little pool, that does not make me crabby at all.  Even when you get hit with water from the hose she is flinging around.

Sometimes I have to sing the up song to my baby, because she can't make up her mind if she wants to kick my ribs or sit on my bladder.  When you're up, you're up.  When you're down, you're down.  But when your only half way up, you're neither up or down.

Mason went to dinner with his parents last night and gave me his wonderful left overs for lunch today.  That is WAY nicer then I am.  I would have saved my left overs for my lunch.  Well I guess that answers that question, I am the mean one.

My friend Christie had her baby on Tuesday.  Every time I see her beautiful little face posted on Facebook, it makes me so happy.  Congrats Christie!

The first 30 seconds of this gum is a delightful flavor explosion.  Unfortunately after that, it's just blah.

My IT guy thinks I would make a good IT person, cause I'm smart (even though we just had a conversation about how another IT guy was confusing me because he didn't dumb it down for me).  I'm sooo not an IT person, but if it comes with a big FAT raise, I could definitely become one.

I only have about 4 weeks left.  I can't wait to finally hold my little one in my arms.  And wear my real wedding ring again.  And have ankles and normal shaped feet.  I'm also really excited about being able to roll over in bed like a normal person.  And lift things that weigh more the 25 pounds, besides my enormous belly. 

Most importantly, it's almost time to go home.  And that makes me very happy.


  1. I love this post!!
    Lucy and I can't wait for your baby girl to arrive!! We can't wait to see pictures, I can't wait to see what she looks like!!
    I am anxiously waiting just as you are!!

  2. This - The first 30 seconds of this gum is a delightful flavor explosion. Unfortunately after that, it's just blah.

    Too funny :)

    My son is 19 - but honestly those last few weeks and for perspective he was born 4 weeks early were awful. I cried because I couldnt stand it anymore.

    so I get it it :) and crabby wasnt even the word!