Friday, November 5, 2010

Rough Week

It really has been a rough week. My second week back at work and I’ve been hit with nothing but issues. Sadly they aren’t even my issues, they have been escalated to me. Which I guess it’s nice that my customers think I’m higher up instead of equal to my coworkers. But still. I’ve been spending so much time working on these issues that my own work has been stacking up. Of course it doesn’t help that Mason, Elina and I are all sick, or that I came home yesterday to poop on the kitchen floor. Not cool Charlie, not cool. The last couple of nights I’ve woken up at 3:30am to blow my nose so I can breathe again. Mason snores through the night regardless of my jabbing and Elina has become good friends with the aspirator bulb. She’s the only baby I know who thinks it’s funny most of the time.

This morning after my shower, I snuggled Elina while Mason was making her bottle. She stopped crying, curled up to me and started to drift back to sleep as I rested my cheek on her head. If I moved my head away from her, she squirmed until I put it back. For that little moment, standing in her dark room with a ratty towel on my head, all was right with the world. The stuffy nose was forgotten. The issues at work didn’t exist. It was just the two of us. Nothing else mattered.

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