Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chili Cook-off

Every year I enter the dessert contest for the Chili Cook-off here at work. Every year I focus on taste more the appearance, and the desserts are judged without being tasted. Every year I loose. This year, I focused only on appearance and not so much on taste. And I have to tell you, the outcome was phenomenal. I was even impressed. Although I can’t take all the credit, my sister had to help me quite a bit with the execution since I had a screaming child on my hands.

This year though, they actually tasted the desserts. Let’s face it, taste wise, my cupcakes tasted just like chocolate cupcakes. There was nothing special done to the flavor. The special was in the decorating. But even with average tasting cupcakes, I ask you one thing. How did this not win??

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