Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Take 12,830

I have had so much to say, yet I haven’t been able to get the words from my brain in a way that would be interesting enough to share. I have had so many false starts it isn’t even funny. I’ll try a top ten list and see if that helps. Although I feel I should warn you, there is no top to this top ten list. It’s just a list of 10 random things I feel like sharing. So if you get bored by number 5, you should probably stop reading, it won’t get much better I’m sure.

10. Sleep. There isn’t much of it going on in our house. Unless your Mason and you can put your good ear into the pillow and not hear a dang thing. Elina has started crying every hour or so at night. I get up, go pick her up, and she is instantly asleep (usually). It’s pointless to wake up Mason for these moments, because it actually takes more energy to wake him up then it does for me to just get up. Plus, I would be awake the entire time he was up, so really what’s the point? Just don’t let me hear him say one word about him being tired.

9. It seems like there is less time with the holiday season this year. Our Christmas tree isn’t even up yet, and our 3 outside decorations are still in their boxes. And honestly, I don’t know when I will have time to do any of it. But the presents need somewhere to go. Stashed under the coffee table just doesn’t have the same feeling.

8. I’m pretty sure more than 90% of my Christmas shopping is done. I do need to get some new colors of duct tape so I can start making my bows.

7. There was talk of another cube decorating contest, but no one has even attempted to decorate. Only two cubes have a little bit done. My theory, how can I decorate my cube, but not my house?

6. I just gave away my blood and received two cookies and an orange juice in return. I usually like to wait until the afternoon to give blood, because it makes me a little ditzy.

7. Lina goes back to the doctor on Monday. I’m assuming that he will tell me to start feeding her rice so that she can start sleeping through the night again. I miss those days.

4. Proof of loss of blood to my brain… there are two #7’s in my top ten list.

3. During my donation, I mentioned how Miss O wanted a green present for Christmas, so the nurse gave me a green bandage. I’m supposed to tell Miss O about it, but it just doesn’t seem that exciting.

2. I’m afraid that out of all the gifts that Santa is bringing for Lina, the little blanket teether I gave her the other night might just be her favorite. Guess I should have saved that one.

1. I had great plans to work out and get some necessities from Target today, but since I gave blood and can’t work out, I might as well go home and take a nap. Or wrap presents. Whatever.

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