Monday, December 20, 2010

My Little Big Girl

She’s still little, only 4 months, but she thinks she is a big girl. She mastered rolling from her back to her stomach about three weeks ago. A week ago she freed her arms from her swaddle and rolled over to her stomach to sleep. Perhaps now that she can sleep on her stomach, she will start sleeping through the night again. Wouldn’t that be a lovely treat? And she tries with all her might to sit up. And if it wasn’t for that whole balance thing, I’m sure we would have that mastered as well.

We went to the doctor last Monday for her 4 month check-up. I mentioned that she was doing better on the new overly expensive formula, but spitting up more (and who can blame her, it tastes terrible). But since she doesn’t get very upset before she spits up, he didn’t think it was too big of a deal. But her waking up several thousand times a night just for a cuddle… something is up. Starting her on rice cereal might help her, but she doesn’t wake up hungry, so that isn’t the root of the problem. What is you ask? Oh, well, it turns out my 4 month old baby is teething. I had checked her gums a few weeks before when she started drooling, but I couldn’t feel anything. Her doctor looked and saw puffy gums, a sure sign of teeth getting ready to pop out. Now I think I can feel where they are coming in. Guess what, it isn’t the normal first two teeth. I mean, that would just be too normal for this girl. And I have no idea what I would do with a normal child.

Lina is finally taking an interest in books. Occasionally I could get her to look at a few pictures before, but mostly it wasn’t something that would hold her interest for long. In fact it made her mad because I was looking at the book and not her (I had to look so I could tell her was going on in the book). But last night, when we made it back from KC and she was craving some attention, we sat down and looked at a few of her new books. We read 4 books and had to touch each one. Two of the smaller ones which focused on patterns and textures, she actually held them in her lap and felt each of the pages. Since she has been into textures lately, these seemed to hold her attention for a long time. She didn’t even try to eat them, which lately is a major accomplishment.

Here are a few of the other books we purchased yesterday at Half Price Books:
Kisses – She liked the textures in this one two, especially the frog.
My Little Red Fire Truck – I’m especially excited about this one. While it may be a bit before she is old enough to really use it, I’m sure she will love it.
Telephone Book - I got this one because Pat the Bunny was one of my favorites. Lina probably liked the string on the phone the best.

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