Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time

Elina gave us the most wonderful gift for Christmas.  She gave us two full nights of sleep.  I would like to give credit to the swing and the swaddle for soothing her and her sore gums all night.  Mason and I woke up on Christmas Eve feeling refreshed and cheerful.  A feeling neither of us had felt in a very long time.  On Christmas day, we had to get up a little earlier so we could make it to all of our events on time and still have a Christmas morning at our house, so we woke up to the alarm and got a few things done around the house before Lina woke up.  Our Christmas morning was more than I could have even hoped for with a 4 month old.  While wrapping all of her presents, I asked myself several times why I was even bothering.  It's not like she would even be able to open them.  But I was wrong.  I would place her fingers on an edge of the paper, she would grab hold and tear the paper.  I'll admit in the morning, she really didn't quite get it.  But by our third stop, she knew she was tearing the paper and would get all excited about it.  Even some of the toys were oh so exciting.  Here are some of her favorites so far

Bounce & Giggle Elephant, which also seems to be the fuss stopper from Aunt Sarah.  If she starts to fuss or cry, I just have to put this elephant in her lap and press on the trunk.  Almost immediately she stops crying and plays with the elephant.  An activity table, and a driver toy with working headlights and wipers from my sister seemed to be a big hit with both Lina and Miss O.  But perhaps she was most distracted by the V Tech Count and Learn School Bus from my parents.  After she opened it, and I set it aside to open the next present, she stopped tearing the paper, craned her neck and just stared at the bus.  My personal favorite... the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Jumperoo.  This has already provided us both with hours of entertainment.  But most important, it has given me a chance to do laundry, clean bottles, and put on make-up.  It's a miracle.

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