Thursday, June 9, 2011

Someday, I'm Going To Win The Lottery

I know what you are thinking. Where did Kayla go? And why did she take her wonderfully witty stories with her? Well it just so happens that I was working on a post that was all about my first trip to the eye doctor in a decade. I was off to a great start, but just couldn’t get to an ending. So, let’s just say… I can see clearly now, my eyes are fixed. And if you didn’t at least sing that last sentence in your head, then you can go ahead and stop reading now.

Now, on to more fun things. Mason has started drinking coffee, which is totally my fault since he hated it when we got married. Anyway, I came across a travel mug on Snapfish. While I have had mixed results with their products, I still thought I had to give this a chance. After all, it is the perfect gift for him. He keeps saying that he needs pictures to show off, yet he has nowhere to put them. With the mug, he can carry around his sweet baby's face and drink his favorite morning beverage at the same time. Anyway I wanted a recent picture of Miss Elina for this project so we had a quick impromptu photo shoot in the front yard while Mason was at the bank. And since Mason doesn’t read this blog, I’m not afraid to share some of my favorite outtakes with you.
It took her a moment to be okay with the weeds on her feet.

"Ahhhh!"  Cute, but it needs to be horizontal and not quite the look we are going for.

That's better, but still not much of a smile.

Close, but not quite there yet...

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