Monday, July 20, 2009

Last Week

Has it really been two weeks since my last post? My how you all must hate me, that is if you are still reading. Last week was a whorl-wind of activities that kept me away from my thoughts. The most exciting being the donation of my blood and the consequently almost passing out afterwards. This is my fourth time giving blood and my first time having issues with it. I did write a little before I went in... I had great blogging ideas this morning as I was trying to stay awake on my 20 min drive to work. Now that I'm sitting at my desk with the time to do the actual blogging... the ideas are gone. And so is the first cup of coffee. It's almost 10, two hours till lunch. Plenty of time for a second cup. However, I'm giving blood this afternoon, and I need to be hydrated so I can have nice big puffy veins. But I need caffeine so I can stay awake. Caffeine dehydrates you. What is a girl to do? On the plus side, if I fall asleep while giving blood, or shortly there after, then everyone will just think I passed out. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone will believe that story if I fall asleep before my donation appointment. Again, I'm left with the question of what to do. Have a better chance of staying awake or a better chance of only getting poked with a needle once.

Well, my blood guy was more of a snail then a Dracula. I had been there for a half an hour before the needle was even in my arm. And I'm pretty sure he zoned out while applying the iodine, he just kept rubbing it on. Perhaps his tortoise like movements and the knowledge of a full folder of quote requests encouraged me to squeeze the ball a little to quickly. As soon as he pulled the needle out, I felt sick. I started looking for the best place to relieve my uneasy stomach. I was debating between the back door or the trash bag hanging from the table when I realized I wasn't going to vomit after all. I was going to watch the world go blurry and dark and be that girl. The snail lowered me down and put cold wash cloths on my forehead and throat. And yes, I did almost start gagging as if I were wearing a turtle neck. I was focused more on not choking then I was on not fainting. Long story short, it sucked.

Now on to the weekend and Tami's Birthday Bash aka Harry Potter Weekend. When Tami first called me with the idea of having a Harry Potter themed party, she admitted she was a big nerd but since it was a mile stone year, she was entitled. I agreed she was a big nerd and that it sounded like great fun. Little did I know, I was going to end up dressing up like Mrs. Wesley. That's right, red hair and all. Except they didn't have any 7 day hair dye. So I'm now a red head for 28 days, give or take. Exciting, I know. And yes, we had a blast with Tami, Ben and Tucker.

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