Monday, October 19, 2009

Top 10

Monday greeted me with an irate customer accusing my team of thinking we don't need to try for them any more, and that we need to be reminded that we can be replaced. (Um, excuse me jerk-wad, we did everything correctly, and by the time you started your complaining, the part was already sitting in your warehouse). So, in an effort to rebound from that Monday morning bliss, I'm going to attempt to do a Top Ten of happy things. (I'm super busy today, so cross your fingers that I get to all ten).

1. For the 3rd time in 5 years, I won a raffle at work. The first time I won a way to big t-shirt, the second time I won an electric cooler (I know, I'm awesome). Today, I found out that I won Mason's Christmas present! I can't really tell you what it is on the off chance that he would ACTUALLY read the blog. You know as soon as I spill a secret, that's when he would read it. It's not any of the items I was crossing my fingers for (32" LCD being my first choice), but it's still a really nice prize. Here are some clues: 1) It's right up my ally. 2) It's something I have a lot of and tend to collect the really old versions. 3) If I didn't already have one that I absolutely LOVE, I would keep it for myself. 4) Maybe I should just go ahead and keep it for myself.

2. I had a great photo shoot yesterday. Although it was a little chilly, the lighting was absolutely perfect! 135 shots later, I'm tied to the computer during my free time, editing those 135 pictures. If I had that nice new camera, it would have only been that much better. Dear New Shiny Pentax, I will save you from that dark box just sitting there on that shelf all alone.

3. I found a new lotion I absolutely love, Yes To Carrots. It's strong enough to stay on all day without being greasy. And it isn't loaded down with smelly perfumes either. They have a cucumber and tomato line as well, I'm looking forward to trying those. I think the chap stick is a little expensive, but it did win the Fitness Beauty Award in 2008, so maybe it's worth it.

4. Even though I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye to walking outside on the warm concrete barefoot, the cooler air does make for great sleeping. Horrible waking up and getting out of the shower, but great sleeping.

5. The colder weather also means I don't have to worry about waking up a little early so I can shave my legs. There is a 90% chance I won't be wearing shorts or a skirt today.

6. The cooler weather also means it's about time to pull out all my cute winter hats. I bet I need some new ones for this year...

7. Playing with Charlie in the snow is one of my favorite things. So I'm looking forward to some snowy white blankets this winter. If we could convince Koby that there is nothing entertaining beyond our yard, then he could join in the side yard snow ball festivities. Sheeba is scared of the side yard, so she prefers to stay nice and cozy inside.

8. I'm also very excited to hear about and see my new nieces and nephew's first real experiences with snow. Not to mention, I would really like to go sledding. If it's not going to be a pretty fall, can we just skip ahead to the snow part?

9. Whoever invented the chocolate truffle should be crowned king/queen of the universe. I love that person, and those truffles. Mmmm... I need to learn how to make those.

10. Why is #10 always the hardest to come up with? I finally gave in and got the Smooth Away, and I have to admit, I kinda like it. I can still shave my legs faster with a razor, but if Mason drags me to the air field on a hot enough day to wear shorts again, I won't have to give myself wicked bad razor burn in my rush. I can just grab my smooth away, hop in the car and arrive smooth and razor burn free.

Whew. Didn't think I was going to make it all the way to 10.

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  1. I know how to make chocolate truffles...I'll trade you some fabulous chocolate truffles for the camera you discard when you get your new one! :)