Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Okay, let’s go back a few weeks when Lina and I had to run to Sams to get formula for Mimi’s house. Lina has been doing very good in stores, sitting in the cart like a big girl and looking at everything the store has to offer. I believe this has even helped with her stranger anxiety. But I’m getting off topic. So we are walking around in Sams and I decide to see if they have any cookies to sample, I grabbed a chocolate one and broke off a small piece for Lina then headed over to the baby section. At one point, in-between bites, I tapped my piece of cookie against hers and said “cheers.” She looked up at me and smiled. The next thing I know she’s tapping her cookie on mine waiting for a “cheers” in response.

The next weekend we were back at Sams, for diapers this time. Mason and I decided to grab a slice of pizza on our way out and I shared my pizza crust with Lina. This is when I finally remembered to tell Mason about the whole cookie cheers thing and she must have heard me. The next think I know, she’s holding out her crust for me to cheers with. And as soon as I did, she gave a huge grin. Of course I was then obligated to cheers with her after every single bite she took.

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