Thursday, April 28, 2011

She Has a Mischievous Look in Her Eyes

We received a bunch of hand me downs over the weekend, so I’ve spent the past couple days trying to get them all cleaned, sorted and put away.  Last night Lina took it upon herself to help out.  She started out by pulling clothes out of the laundry basket and “handing” them to me.  Then she thought she would help me out by refolding a couple shirts.  I gently explained to her that those were already done so she didn’t have to pull them off the couch.  So she went back to pulling them out of the basket.  After awhile, when I wasn’t paying attention to her little hands, she quickly grabbed the shirt sitting on top of the pile.  Once she had it completely in her arms, she laughed hysterically.  Of course I had to punish her with kisses.

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