Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Germs, Teeth and Tantrums

I’m just going to mention it once, and then I’m done. Cause it’s so annoying when people drone on and on about how they HATE being sick. But guess what… I’m sick. Again. This makes 5 colds this winter. That’s right people FIVE. Last time I got sick that much in one year I had my tonsils removed. This one started Saturday night while the three of us were a bunch of dancing fools at my Food Twins wedding. When my throat started hurting, I thought “Oh man, I should not have done that much loud, obnoxious singing on the party bus.” Oh how I wish that was the problem. So now we are all sick, again. Please spring, don’t let anymore cold weather come around. I just need to be healthy so I can have the energy to function. Please Lina, start sleeping through the night again so Mommy can have enough energy to fight these germs. Which reminds me…

We have a tooth! Friday night while at the rehearsal dinner, Lina cut her first tooth. I knew it was coming, she kept feeling that area with her tongue. When I felt the tooth, I almost jumped up and screamed about the tooth, but I quickly remembered this little party wasn’t about me and someone may have been giving a speech at that moment. Poor timing for my excited freaking out. Not that she needed teeth, she seems to be doing just fine with adult food. Bagels, pizza crust, cookies, and now french fries and shredded cheese. True the bagels and crust just get soggy and mashed, but she’s very skilled in her mashing technique. Now don’t scold me for giving my 8 month old french fries, I’m not the one who gave her the first one. But I totally shared my fries with her the next day. And guess what… she loves them (Who can blame her really?). And she can mash them up until they are small enough to swallow.

She’s throwing little temper tantrums too. If she could talk it would go something like this… “Oooh, a straw! I need that straw! I need to chew on that straw! Wait, why are you moving it further away from me? I can’t reach it! I NEED THAT STRAW!!! A yogurt melt, I love yogurt melts!”

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  1. I LOVE your last 2 posts!! FINALLY, I thought you dissapeared!!

    Get used to the TANTRUMS!! Lucy started doing them on a small scale around 32 weeks and now that she is 38 weeks almost 39 weeks they are still there in full force!! At first we laugh bc we can't believe she is doing it!! Then it gets down right annoying!!

    She likes to do the high pitched little kid scream when shes playing and sometimes she does it just to hear herself do it, but then it turns into a full fledged angry tantrum scream bc she wants something she can't reach or she dropped something or something was taken away from her or she can't have something we have!!

    Congrats on the tooth!! Isn't it super sharp!!

    Maybe now that she cut the tooth she will sleep better!?!?!

    She is a good eater and gets all the yummy foods!!! Lucy hasn't gotten pizza crust yet or french fries but I am sure they are soon to come!! I mean she has to have them now knowing Elina gets them, she is going to be mad that she doesn't get them.