Monday, April 6, 2009

Chinese? Please!

I'm a big fan of Chinese food. Well, all food to be exact. I convinced some of my coworkers to go out for lunch on Monday, eventually we decided on one of our local Chinese places. Stephanie's hatred of most food, including egg rolls and crab rangoon tends to benefit my waist line, as I am truly addicted to fried crab goo (and doughnuts, but that is a completely different story). After denying myself that wonderful fried food (except the crab) the last few times I have had Chinese, I decided to treat myself to some yummy orange chicken. As everyone knows, most Chinese places have their "off" days. And this was one of them.

The breading on my chicken was somewhat chewy and it just tasted funny. Chalking it up to being an off day, I didn't complain. I just filled up on rice and Stephanie's crab. Not being one of those people who can toss out uneaten food, I boxed it up to eat for dinner or lunch the next day. So today, as I'm sitting at my desk with Hell's Kitchen playing on my computer and leftovers in front of me, I truly examine my chicken for the first time. It's better after the sauce has fully soaked into the breading. But it still tastes funny, and it's not white like chicken should be. After testing a few more pieces and actually cutting them open to investigate further, I discovered that I was not eating orange chicken at all. I was eating orange pork!

I'm all about pork, usually I really enjoy it. But Chinese places like this one, are notorious for having the fattiest pork that ever waddled across the farm. And for the record, pig fat does not taste good with orange sauce. If I could, I would march into the bathroom and toss my pork flavored cookies. But I can't, and I certainly wouldn't want to do it at work either. I would love to sit here and tell you that I will never go back to that place again, but odds are, I will. I will just examine my meat a little more closely from now on.

I knew I should have gone with the cashew chicken instead.

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  1. Tragic! Can't say that Cashew Chicken would have been better. What if you ended up with Cashew PORK??? YUCK!!!