Friday, April 10, 2009

One of Those Weeks, in a nutshell.

Day 1
I have no idea what I was thinking when I got ready this morning. I must have still been asleep until about 15 minuets ago. I put on a little black sweater shrug thing over a short sleeved shirt, but that's not the odd part. Then I sat there and debated which brown shoes to wear. I decided to go with the dark brown snake skin over the light brown suede. What's worse, I even had to move the classic black pumps to get to the brown. As I'm walking out the door, I think I should take a jacket since it is only 35 degrees outside. Well, my black one is dirty and a little too thin for this chilly morning. So I figured I would just wear the one I have in the car, which is brown. I kid you not, I had to debate that for a moment because the brown wouldn't go with the black shrug. Apparently, I had completely forgotten about my BROWN shoes. To make matters worse, the brown coat left white fuzz all over the black shrug. I swear I'm normally better at dressing myself then this.

Day 2
As I'm sitting here at my desk, wearing my second choice footwear, I'm left wondering why Koby always goes for the black shoes, the same ones I didn't wear yesterday. I have two pairs of black casual dress shoes that are not designated for a certain season. Simple black pumps, and a slightly more fancy sling. These are literally the only "plain" black heels I own. I used to have a cute little pair of black kitten heels, but a little puppy ate the inside out of those, and they haven't been fixed yet. So the slings are the ones I am wearing today, which have some nice gouges in the heel from that little fur ball we call a dog. Which is also why they were the second choice. The black pumps I was going to wear today took a detour to the trash. These poor shoes have been through so much in their little sample shoe lives.

Before Koby was even born, Sheeba decided to scratch out what tiny bit of cushion there was and then convinced Charlie that the whole shoe was a toy. Charlie has only chewed on one shoe when he was still a puppy, and this self punishing dog saw how upset I was and never chewed on a shoe again. In fact I only know it was in Charlie's mouth this time because Mason caught him. But at this point in time, Mason and I were never at the house at the same time. So when I got home and saw the shoe, I investigated and found scratch marks and teeth marks way to small for my 120 pound dog to make. Sheeba was then in trouble with me, and Charlie once again put himself in time out. I went without these pumps for some time, and was unable to find black pumps I liked enough to replace them. So I bought some insoles instead. Once Koby entered our lives and I caught him sniffing around those pointed heels, I made sure to put every single pair of shoes in the closet. This morning the little snot ignored the two pairs of brown heels I had left laying out, and figured out how to get in the closed closet so he could run off with my black pump. The heel is mangled, the side is scratched, and the toe is chewed through, beyond repair. (sniff)

Day 3
Mason's birthday is today, and since he has to spend all of it at work and school, I made him breakfast in bed. I let Koby outside while I was making it so he wouldn't make to much noise and wake up Mason. Now you know, something is bound to happen, why else would I be telling you all this? Just as we are finishing our wonderful blueberry apple pancakes, the doorbell rings. And there is our neighbor holding our little puppy in her arms. Since Koby can no longer fit through the fence and Sheeba taught him how to dig, he put two and two together and dig under two fences just so he could go play with the Huskies next door. Because of Charlie, Koby doesn't know that big dogs can eat him in two bites. Especially those sweet ferocious Huskies, who happen to think that Koby is a rather large squirrel. In an effort to defend himself, Koby caused one of the Huskies to yelp, which sent Angie the neighbor to investigate. Koby forced poor Angie to walk outside in her robe to deliver a mud covered puppy to us at 6:30 in the morning. And even though their dogs helped Koby dig the hole, I'm pretty sure I owe them some cookies.

Day 4
Since my attempt to wear my black shrug on Monday bombed so badly that I took it off after an hour, I decided to try it again. Only this time, with new black shoes. Normally I make it a point to not wear things twice in two weeks, especially not twice in one week. But I figured that since the one person who would notice was working from home today, that I would be okay. So I grabbed a shirt, threw myself together and ran out the door. Half way to work, I realize that I'm pretty sure that I wore this EXACT same outfit on Monday, except the shoes. How sad is that? And to make matters worse, the security tag is still in the sweater. I can never find any scissors when I'm getting ready in the morning. I'm really kinda worried about what tomorrow will bring.

Day 5
Except for the fact that I had to help Mason get dressed this morning (since he hurt his back last night and could hardly move), it was fairly mild. No mangled shoes, no half eaten puppies, and a fresh outfit. Seriously, the highlight of my morning was trying to put Mason's shoes on his feet without untying the laces. Well that, and trying to dry off Koby with the hair dryer. Which is officially one of his favorite toys, I turn it on and he comes running. I'm confident that he will one day catch that blowing air and claim his rightful place as top dog. As for the weekend, I'm still hoping that Mason's back will feel better so we can go on the Katy Trail as planned.

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