Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Starcrunch Makes a Great Breakfast

It always amazes me how guys can carry an entire conversation using only movie quotes. I mean, I know women can have entire conversations without even talking, but at least we are not leaving you out of the conversation. More then likely, you are the center of the conversation. And ours is really easy to decipher if you just pay attention. A simple eye brow lift could mean, "What about him? He's cute." And a slight shake of the head in response would mean, "No, he's not really my type." Easy, right? No one is left out of the conversation. In fact in most cases, you don't even know that we are talking.

So when the movie quotes start flying out, my eyes roll. Because either a) I have not seen this movie and have no idea what they are talking about, or b) I have seen this movie and didn't think it was great/funny enough to memorize lines from and therefore have no idea what they are talking about. This is both fascinating and incredibly ANNOYING. Because unless you are talking to Rachelle who has this remarkable ability to keep up with their silly movie quotes, you are totally leaving the rest of us out of the conversation. Especially when you are so lucky to be sitting in-between two of these battling movie quoters.

Although it is fascinating because they have a whole conversation leading to hysterical laughter and not one word was their own. They are using someone else's statements, phrases, thoughts and actions to communicate. I once wrote a paper made up entirely of quotes, I got one of the two A's that were given out, so maybe there is something to this. Or maybe my teacher was a man and understood how to talk with someone else's words. Personally, I am so bad at using others words that I have to make up my own. I only used all the quotes in my paper because I didn't understand it enough to decipher it until at least three days later when I actually got enough sleep to clear out the fog in my brain.

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