Thursday, June 4, 2009

Watermelon Makes Me Burp

Seriously, it does. I mean, it's made entirely of sweetly flavored water and air, so it makes sense. But aside from that, I'm pretty sure I'm falling apart. I blame the old age personally. The quarter of a century mark came and went several years ago, well two years ago anyway. Over the weekend my knee popped twice, the first time shooting pain throughout my limb and almost failing to help me stand. The second time just reminding me of lingering pain. Which really wouldn't haven't been a big deal if my hip hadn't practically locked up and if my shoulder wasn't in serious pain for two weeks now. And on top of all that, I wasn't carded the last three times I bought alcohol.

Remember when you were excited you didn't get carded? I didn't even get carded on my 21st birthday. Then it was rare that I didn't get carded after that, especially since they started enforcing the "We card under 35." So either the short hair makes me look almost twice my age, or I really look twice my age. Or, the people at the restaurant, gas station and grocery store are going blind. I would understand if I had wrinkles and didn't pluck all my grays. But how on earth can I have a zit on my chin and not get carded at the same time? Seriously people, there is a ZIT ON MY CHIN, you should probably card me. And it's one of those annoying lingering ones too.

Further more, (cause I haven't done nearly enough complaining yet) my oh so kind boss placed a little bucket full of candy on my desk and it has been STARING at me all day. Well, at least the remaining pieces have been staring at me. Which by the way, I don't really love the Reese's Whipps all that much. Didn't stop me from eating the whole thing though. I think I need a vacation, one that involves laying on a beach, jumping the waves and maybe getting flung from a surf board. But I'll settle for 4:30 Friday afternoon.


  1. I didn't like those Reeses Whips either. I had one bite and threw it out. It didn't taste like peanut butter at all! And no, you don't look twice your age... you look very young and those people must be going blind (or they might have a 3rd eye like you and just KNEW things about you)

  2. Ditto on the Reeses Whips. If you're going to go Reeses, you've gotta go all the way. None of this "reduced fat" stuff.