Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I can't be funny all the time people.

I'm getting ready to enter a busy few days here at work, which means you probably won't hear from me for awhile. So I wanted to get this one out to you before I enter the days of unreasonable torture. Sadly, I don't have one really great story to tell you about, so I'm going to give you a bunch of random mini stories.

1. Since Mason NEVER reads my blog, I figure I can talk about him all I want. And since he never reads it I don't have to worry about fluffing his ego, I can just tell you all the bad things. Unfortunately, the only bad thing I have at the moment is that he lost his glasses in the river. Twice. That's right, twice. I found them once, which was a miracle in itself. The second time, they were gone, forever. Did we think to take his old pair to wear on the river? No. Did we think to buy floaties for them when I was standing at the raft rental place looking right at them? No. Did we talk about the possibility of loosing them before we left on the trip? Yes. Did we think it would happen? Apparently not. Since Mason has been going on these family trips for years and years and has never lost his glasses, apparently that means it doesn't happen. As it turns out, you don't even have to go underwater to loose them in semi-deep, murky, steady current water. Imagine that.

2. We are getting a new vending company at work, and you have no idea how excited this makes me. Goodbye crappy Folgers coffee, hello fresh ground, not at all bitter, coffee. And, as if that weren't good enough, the vending machines will now have a "healthy snack" option. Apparently we are also getting "a better cold beverage selection" but unless they are adding Barqs Root Beer, I don't see how it could get much better then the current Pepsi and Coke options. Perhaps I am most excited about the fact that my building will be the lucky recipient of the one and only "fresh food" machine. Which apparently is going to include salad, yum. I just hope they don't have a slot to swipe my debit card.

3. With Mason and I being out of town so much this month, Koby has turned more destructive and more daring with his destructiveness. Sunday night he showed me exactly how he is able to sneak in the closed closet and chew on the insoles that are no longer sticky. When we opened the closet door he trotted out holding the insole in his mouth like a trophy. We put a bucket of water outside for the dogs with it being so hot, Koby chewed off the handle, and part of the bottom so that it no longer holds water, smart dog, now you have to be thirsty. There is now a gapping hole in my bathroom rug, I've managed to hide it, but if it gets any bigger, I'm going to have to toss the rug. And yes, the bathroom door was closed, but he has learned that it doesn't always latch, so he head butts it to get in. He has also become a huge fan of the bathroom trash, especially those dirty feminine products. Boy are they fun to shred. DISCUSTING! On the plus side, he hasn't touched the deck for two whole weeks (knock on wood).

4. Charlie, Mason and I are very excited about the 4th being just around the corner. Sheeba is not at all happy about it, I'm sure she will be hiding under the bed the entire day. And since this will be Koby's first, we're not sure how he will handle it. My guess is that since he is so "curious" he will love it. And of course Charlie can't wait to try and catch the fireworks again, the bottle rockets are his favorite. He's only been allowed to attend the festivities once, and he came back with singed hair and a big ole' goofy grin. He wasn't quite ready for the party to be over when the cop came and broke it up. I haven't yet decided if he will be allowed to join the block party or not this year.

5. We finally got Mason's car back from the shop. After 4 weeks of borrowing Dad's "I'm about to loose my muffler and I don't know what a clear coat is" car, I'm happy to say that I officially have my explorer back. Mason is now driving his car to work since he doesn't have to haul around big windows anymore. I missed it so much. I missed being able to start my car from my desk, I missed being able to change the temperature and the radio from the steering wheel, and I missed sitting up off the road. Don't get me wrong, Mason's car is very nice (when it isn't broken) but I LOVE my car.

6. Did I mention that Mason and I are very excited about the 4th of July being so near? We stopped at 4 fireworks stands on the way home from the Stockwell Family Vacation. After the second tent we said we were done. After the third tent which offered buy 1 get 4 free items, we said we were really done. After the 4th tent, where we only bought 2 things for one great deal, we drove straight home with our blinders on. While we got way more then we intended to get, we spent only a little more then we planned on spending. We got plenty of the big pretty ones that light up the sky with colors and sparkles, and we have tons of little ones that we can fire off for days to feed our slight pyromaniac tendencies. Okay, to feed my pyro tendencies and Mason's thrill at making things go boom.

7. The Challenger Baseball season is almost over, and I'm not happy about that. Even though only half of our team shows up, on a good day. But I will enjoy having two days of sleeping in again, and I'm looking forward to the Challenger Family Picnic. Always a fun time. The end of the season snuck up on me though. I was going to take tons of pictures this season, and I haven't done that yet.

I guess that's about all I have for now. Wish me luck for the beginning of the month chaos which I am about to endure.

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