Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flip Flops and Tan Lines

Last year when the company survey came out, we asked for some very important changes. We asked for casual day every day, that our sick days, vacation days and personal days be rolled into one category, we also wanted telecommuting and profit sharing. We were given all of these things. So what did we ask for this year? The right to wear flip flops, and that our toilet seats not be loose. That's it. Of course we got them, but one would think that since we have such an agreeable company, we would have asked for bigger things then flip-flops and stable toilet seats. People laughed and nodded when they promised to fix the toilet seats, and cheered quite loudly when we were told we could wear flips. Why is everyone so happy we can wear flips again? I have no idea, we all wore them before and never got scolded. The only difference is now we can wear them guilt free. I used to bend the rules by wearing my nicer ones, flips with leather, heels, beads... now I can wear my cheapies. Which is irrelevant really, cause half the time my shoes are under my desk while my bare feet are tucked up under my legs or propped up on the box under my desk. This is also why I rarely wear shoes with laces or buckles to work, in case you were actually wondering. Which I'm sure you were not.

Hmm, I had a whole other tangent I was going to go on, but I got distracted reading Becky's blog. Oh! It was about how I am going to get a nice flip flop tan line this weekend. Not nearly as exciting as I remembered it being in my head. Anyway, we are headed up to Indy to admire shinny old cars and watch as the dragsters race by. Without fail, every time I go I get burnt to a crisp. It's not the lack of sunscreen, it's just being in the blazing sun for that many days. Fortunately it's supposed to stop raining long enough for most of the racing, not too hot, not too cold. Hopefully this way I won't drive half way to Chicago on my way to Indy. Thank goodness I have the Garmin now. No missed turns for me!

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