Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Little Sympathy Please

So I went to the dentist last night. Nothing new there. The dentist chair and I are old friends, I've been there so much I could write a book. I have stories from falling asleep in the chair while being worked on, to waking up during surgery. I've had so many of those dang numbing shots that I need twice as much just to get me numb. The average person would have required two shots for the procedures I had last night. Guess how many I needed. Go ahead, guess. FIVE! Even my new dentist was shocked. It wasn't until after he started drilling we realized I needed the fifth shot, which was injected into the roof of my mouth. It hurt more then the drilling. "You're going to feel a pinch." I know what a pinch feels like, and that was no pinch. Sticking the needle in was a pinch, injecting the fluid was getting stabbed with pencils over and over again. In the end, almost the entire left side of my face was numb. My forehead and chin were spared the trauma. My left nostril and lower eye lid however, were not.

I have now officially been told by two separate dentists "Don't ever let anyone tell you that you have a big mouth." Do you know how many times I have been told that I have a big mouth? To all those people... HA! You were wrong! I do NOT have a big mouth. He also said, more then once, that it felt like he was back in dental school. That's right, I'm here to test your skills, glad I could provide a challenge for you. Keep me as a patient and you'll have TV's in all your rooms just like my last dentist got. That was nice. If nothing else, I could plant my vise grip on the remote instead of my own hands. Plus it would have been nice to have something to look at for the TWO HOURS that I was in that dang chair. I would also like to mention that they had to use a special tool to pull my cheek out past my ear. I'm pretty sure there is some internal bruising, cause it still hurts (insert appropriate amount of sympathy here).

In other news, it appears that my personal ban on coffee is over. Hopefully it's just a temporary strike against the ban. Too many nights of not getting to sleep until after midnight makes a girl crave alternative energy sources. Tomorrow I head off to make my tank top tan lines a nice bright red.

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