Monday, May 17, 2010

Project 365

I'm starting a new project. It's the 365 project, some of you may have heard of it before. The goal is to take at least one picture every single day and post it for an entire year. It doesn't matter what the subject of these photos is. But I'm thinking I might throw in an occasional weekly theme, like landscapes or green. I realize this might be a difficult time to try this, especially in August and September, but is there ever really going to be a perfect year to do this? Nope. Never. Besides I will have a great subject in August. So why wait? Plus, I have the perfect day to start this project, this Friday, May 21st. Which should give me plenty of time to find the right site to host this project and it should also distract me from being yet another year older. I'm hoping this will also help to push me to further develop my technique and push my creativity. Not to mention get me back into the habit of taking pictures and finding inspiration instead of just waiting for it. Which means, (in theory) I'm going to take pictures of almost EVERYTHING, because you never know what is going to turn out awesome.

Oh, and in case you were wondering... I have seen some of our bunnies grazing in the yard and tempting fate in the back yard. You will be happy to know, not only are they nice and big (almost full grown) but they are also now fast enough to not get caught by Koby.

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